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Qu’est-ce qu’un superfruit et quels sont ses bienfaits ? - KADALYS

What is a superfruit? What are their benefits? How to take them and how often? Today, we explain everything about superfruits!

Curry de poulet à la banane - KADALYS

Quickly discover our recipe for Chicken Curry with Bananas!

Recette de Banoffee en verrines - KADALYS

This dessert will satisfy the most greedy: bananas, speculoos and vanilla. The easy recipe for a deliciously gourmet dessert!

Les vertus de la Banane : Votre alliée Santé et Beauté - KADALYS

Deliciously sweet and fragrant, bananas reveal exceptional health benefits but also have remarkable cosmetic properties. The second most consumed fruit after the apple, in France, the banana has been one of the most consumed exotic fruits by humans for thousands of years.

Crumble à la banane - KADALYS

This crumble is perfect for a change from the traditional dessert. With the exotic notes of coconut, banana and rum, this dessert makes us travel instantly.

Muffin Banane Chocolat - KADALYS

Banana muffins and chocolate chip recipe: here is an easy recipe idea to prepare. To be enjoyed warm for afternoon tea or for breakfast, a treat!

Recette : beignets façon churros à la Banane - KADALYS

For more indulgence, turn bananas into churros!

Les bienfaits de l'huile de Macadamia - KADALYS

Macadamia oil is used in many cosmetic products. But what are its virtues?

Recette de bâtonnets glacés Banane et Yaourt - KADALYS

A simple recipe to make that will satisfy everyone.