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Why would you take care of your beard?

Even if it may seem trivial, you have to pay attention to your beard as you pay attention to your hair! Beautiful hair is washed and moisturized hair ... Well, it's the same for the beard. Every day, morning and evening, a moisturizing cream adapted to your skin type must be applied. First of all to nourish it but also to moisturize the hair. A moisturized beard hair is a shiny and healthy hair, without split ends. After your shaving moment, apply a day cream, or a vegetable oil, also helps to soothe razor burn. The more you take care of your beard, the longer you can keep it healthy.

How to use an aftershave? 

No matter how often you shave, you should plan to apply a treatment afterwards. This will calm the fire of the razor and the product used. It will soothe the skin. It also moisturizes the hair. Apply it by circular and soft movement. You can also use it to massage yourself! The massage is a gesture full of benefit for the skin. It will allow the care to penetrate more easily and offers you an anti-ageing boost. So don't ignore it!

How to choose your natural aftershave?

Of course, we make sure to choose a natural after-shave! Vegetable oils, for example, are ideal. Jojoba oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil can be used. They will bring a good hydration to your hair and calm the irritations of the skin. In case you don't shave your whole beard, think about castor oil! It strengthens the hair and helps it stay healthy. Depending on the texture you prefer, you can also choose after-shave creams. The main thing is to choose a natural and organic product. This way, you can be sure to leave out ingredients that are too irritating and that will only increase the feeling of discomfort.

Kadalys organic precious oils to maintain your beard

Our precious oils are ideal for a natural after shave care! They can be used as a shaving oil for moisturized and soothed skin. Our two nourishing yet dry-finish oils are formulated with natural ingredients and do not leave a greasy film on the skin, strengthening and sheathing the hair fiber. While Nutritive Oil with Green Banana, rich in regulating oils and light to the touch, is adapted to young skin or skin that tends to shine, we recommend our Radiance Oil with Yellow Banana to dry or mature skin that needs deep lipids. The vegetable oils of avocado and macadamia present in our oils are very rich in fatty acids. Yellow and green banana organic-actives are antioxidant complexes developed by our laboratories to offer you anti-aging care. It's never too early to start. Subtly perfumed with natural fragrances to offer you a very pleasant sensory experience, the percentage of essential oils is minimal. Although they have interesting virtues for the skin, essential oils can be irritating if they are present in too high a concentration in a product. To calm the redness and tightness of the after shave, we think of softness!

One last question: how to avoid pimples after shaving? Well, we'll let you read this article to find out. Then you'll be a beard pro!

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