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What is the difference between a mask and a scrub?

A scrub allows to clean the skin in depth. It gets rid of dead skin and promotes cell renewal. Once or twice a week, depending on your concerns, it helps limit imperfections and smooth the skin texture. Different textures are available: with grains for a mechanical exfoliation or with fruit acids. For a quick and product-free skin care, konjac sponges do a great job! A mask offers a targeted action that, thanks to the pause time, will have time to act properly. There are different types of masks for different skin types. To purify the skin, we choose a purifying mask and to moisturize it, a hydrating mask! The list of face masks is quite long, which guarantees that you will find a suitable treatment.

Why use a scrub before a mask?

Before making a mask, it is necessary to prepare its skin. Remove makeup if necessary and wash your face with an organic face cleanser! To help the active ingredients penetrate, you can add a facial scrub to your beauty routine. For dry skin, for example, a soft and moisturizing scrub is perfect. You can also make it at home with vegetable oil and fine sugar. Ideal to clean the skin in depth but especially in softness. Once the skin is well prepared, you can apply a moisturizing mask. Leave it on for a few minutes, or even better, a night mask! For oily skin, it is almost necessary to exfoliate before applying the mask. The pores will be unclogged and the impurities eliminated. To enjoy a complete skin care, add a scrub to your routine before doing a mask!

Which organic mask to choose according to your skin type ?

A chaque type de peau son masque visage bio !

  • Dry and sensitive skin can use a soothing and moisturizing mask. Leave on for several minutes or even overnight.
  • Mature skin is looking for a radiant complexion, a lifted and plumped skin. A mask with moisturizing ingredients and fruit enzymes is recommended. Fruit enzymes promote cell renewal and brighten the skin!
  • Oily skin needs a purifying mask that will regulate sebum production to avoid pimples. Clay-based masks are perfect! Green clay is the most recommended because it is purifying, rebalancing and helps to clear pimples. Be careful not to let it dry on the skin.
  • Combination skin types will love balancing masks that regulate excess sebum and moisturize the skin. It is also possible to apply a purifying mask to the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead).
  • Regular skin is lucky enough to be able to adapt its choice of face mask according to its skin problems! Moisturizing, purifying, radiance boosting, it's up to you.

How to apply Kadalys organic masks?

To make your choice easier, Kadalys has developed two products that are suitable for all skin types! The exfoliating peel based on fruit acids allows you to obtain a soft and smooth skin. It evens out the complexion of all skin types and moisturizes them thanks to the green banana bio-active ingredient. Use on clean skin, once or twice a week, for 10 to 15 minutes. To complete your beauty routine, you can continue with the creamy purifying mask. Made for all skin types, it purifies and balances combination to oily skin and soothes normal to dry skin. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes, once or twice a week. A little extra? It can also be used as a hair mask to soothe the scalp! Minimalist and effective, our products will quickly become your beauty essentials.

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