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Moisturizing your face on a daily basis is essential to maintain a healthy skin. This crucial step in your beauty routine will allow your skin to ageing well by helping the preservation of its youthfulness. However, striking the right balance between hydration and nutrition among all the serums or creams can be difficult. Kadalys organic skincare offers you a variety of complementary and effective actions to provide the best moisturizing routine for your skin, depending on the time and on your time.

Allow yourself to make this moment even more pleasant and eco-conscious by using Kadalys natural products, tested under dermatological control, both respectful of the environment and of men.

Why moisturize your skin?

Hydration is the first step to regain soft, smooth and plump skin.

The skin being mainly made up of water, if its reserves are depleted, it becomes dry, dull and premature aging can occur. When dehydrated, dry skin is also more sensitive to external aggressions and therefore more prone to pimples and dryness.

Moisturizing your skin morning and evening also helps prevent skin aging by strengthening its hydrolipidic film. A good moisturizer acts as a bowl of vitamins for the skin. This is the best key to maintain a beautiful, fresh and luminous complexion!

How to choose your organic moisturizing facial treatment?

The moisturizer is the central part of our beauty routine (right after choosing a good facial cleanser). Also it is necessary to choose a cream adapted to its type of skin, its age, the chronobiology (day cream and night cream) and according to the climate…

Your skin type is the first element to take into account when choosing your moisturizer, for different purposes: rich texture or light texture; hydration or nutrition. The cream is also to be chosen according to your age because the needs of the skin change over time. Some formulas contain agents that are particularly suitable for mature skin and others for younger skin. The season is also a factor to take into account because the skin of the face, particularly thin, dehydrates quickly and is extremely sensitive to external aggressions. In winter, it undergoes daily temperature changes (cold and heating) which weakens it and dries it out even more. In summer, with exposure to the sun and high temperatures, the skin dehydrates much faster.

Kadalys certified organic moisturizers meet the specific needs of each skin type and skin condition. Visit the blog to learn more about the difference between hydrating and nourishing your skin and how to choose your moisturizer according to your needs.

Which organic face cream for each skin type: combination to oily, acne-prone, very dry skin

If you have combination to oily skin and a tendency to shine or small spots, you need a moisturizer but moderately nourishing. The Organic Hydramuse Soothing Radiance Jelly is the organic cream for imperfections and dilated pores by excellence. Perfect with its light, non-greasy gel-cream texture with 24-hour moisturizing power and its solar scent that will take you to the islands. Enriched with soothing aloe vera and fucocert, Organic Hydramuse Soothing Radiance Gel is also a good organic cream to reduce redness. Plus, the lemon water it contains has an anti-spot lightening action to reduce dark spots caused by blemishes.

The Organic Hydramuse Comforting Cream is the ally of many skin types: normal skin, dry skin, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Intensely hydrating and very comfortable, it perfectly fulfills its cocooning day and night cream function thanks to its richness in hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides which soothe the skin and reduce the sensations of tightness associated with dehydration. With its 100% natural formula, this organic cream for dry skin restores hydration and nutrition levels for hydrated skin for 24 hours.

Its creamy and rich texture envelops the skin and acts as a repairing and comforting balm that revitalizes the skin thanks to the Organic-Active Yellow Banana, Mango and Shea Butter. The skin is protected from external aggressions. It is soothed and regains comfort, radiance and flexibility. With a light fragrance of ylang-ylang and Tiare floral essential oils reminiscent of the holidays, this is the ideal organic moisturizer for normal to very dry skin that you need.

Why choose Kadalys organic serums and creams with 99% to 100% natural formulas?

Today, opting for a cosmetic product that is natural or made up of ingredients from organic farming is no longer as restrictive as there is tens of years. Technical advances in organic and natural formulation now offer the same level of sensoriality and performance as found in conventional cosmetics made from synthetic products. It is easy to find organic anti-wrinkle / anti-aging cream, effective, with a rich or light texture and delicately scented. Choosing the best organic face cream for your skin type became a piece of cake!

To provide hydration and comfort to your skin, our Organic Hydramuse, Musalis and Musalift ranges use the benefits of quality natural ingredients:

- Our exclusive and patented bio-actives with Green or Yellow Bananas rich in omega and certified organic antioxidants

- Moisturizing active ingredients: hyaluronic acids, polysaccharides from plants

- Organic lemon water for its illuminating properties

- Organic vegetable oils naturally rich in fatty acids and close to the skin's sebum: jojoba, muscat rose, shea butter, mango, squalane ...

What is the difference between an organic cream and a regular cream?

Whether natural or conventional, cosmetic products have a substantially identical formulation.

A moisturizer is made up of an average of 80% of an aqueous phase (water) and a fatty phase (oil). The rest is emulsifier to mix these phases; humectant (glycerin, urea or synthetic or natural hyaluronic acid) that help retain water; active ingredients to increase the benefits of moisturizer; and finally additives (perfume, preservative, texture agents, etc.) to make the product pleasant to apply and use.

However, a conventional cosmetic is mainly composed of ingredients of synthetic origin (mineral oils, perfume, active ingredients, preservatives, etc.). It often contains less than 1% of natural active ingredients while an organic cosmetic sometimes contains up to 100%. So, depending on whether you choose an organic, natural or conventional beauty product, it is the origin of the different ingredients that is totally different.

To be labeled "organic cosmetics", the product must meet strict specifications on its composition and the transformation processes used:

1. Use at least 95% of natural substances or of natural origin (water or vegetable oils, wax ...)
2. Use at least 10% of products from organic farming
3. The cosmetic transformation and manufacturing processes must be non-polluting and respectful of health and the environment.

Mineral oils (paraffin, wax, petrolatum, silicones, etc.) inexpensive and easy to apply have a superficial and ephemeral action. Inert, they do not supply the skin with nutrients. If they give a feeling of softness and shine by depositing an occlusive film on the skin, it prevents it from breathing.

Unlike organic formulas which have a real affinity with the constituents of the skin, they are absorbed without forming an opacifying film allowing the skin to breathe.

These natural ingredients are in fact all actives, whether they are used as a humectant, preservative, excipient, perfume,…. This is what is fabulous, they all add something to our skin and on top of that, they are naturally biodegradable!

Choosing an organic or natural moisturizer means providing your skin with natural, quality ingredients and active ingredients, rich in antioxidants and vitamins and ultimately virtuous because they are good for your skin and the planet.