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Green chemistry

Discover the essence of Kadalys: an alliance between green chemistry and the richness of the banana tree, serving treatments that are both innovative and respectful of the Earth.

1) At Kadalys, green chemistry is our compass for creating products that are not only effective but also healthy and clean. Our range of treatments stands out for its conscious commitment to the environment. It comes from eco-extraction methods, guaranteeing optimal preservation of our planet while extracting the best from the ingredients. Our formulas, in addition to being natural, are certified organic by recognized organizations such as ECOCERT and COSMEBIO. They are also designed to be Vegan & Cruelty-Free, with certifications from ONE VOICE, LEAPING BUNNY, and THE VEGAN SOCIETY. With us, purity is a priority: you will not find silicone, GMOs, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, parabens, phthalates or sulfates. Quite simply, pure, transparent and respectful beauty.

Kadalys: Pioneer of Sustainable Banana Science

Thanks to advances in eco-extraction, today, we have the capacity to develop processes that are both innovative and environmentally friendly. Kadalys positions itself at the forefront of this revolution. Our journey began with the valorization of the chemistry of the banana plant. This approach, although innovative, reflects our deep commitment to sustainability. Since 2011, we have focused our efforts on exploiting banana co-products, transforming what was once considered waste into valuable resources.

Our mission transcends beauty. We are committed to finding green solutions to combat health challenges such as metabolic syndrome. With expertise combining banana chemistry and eco-extraction, our research, which began in 2011, has already resulted in important achievements: theses, patents, and innovations.

Kadalys represents more than just a company. It is a vision, a commitment, and a leader in merging technology and nature to build a sustainable and promising future.

The banana tree, this ancestral plant, contains much more than what the eye perceives. At Kadalys, we decided to explore this wealth through rigorous and unique scientific expertise. Our curiosity and passion have led us to develop an ambitious research and development program around this fascinating plant. From this quest were born two theses in biochemistry, the fruit of a fruitful collaboration with CIRAD, a respected French institution in the field of research, and the prestigious Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier. This scientific commitment allows us to delve into the secrets of the banana plant and to continually innovate for our customers.

La vision de Kadalys s'étend bien au-delà de la simple beauté. En plongeant au cœur de la chimie du bananier, nous aspirons à contribuer activement à la lutte contre les maladies associées au syndrome métabolique, combinant ainsi science, nature et responsabilité pour le bien-être de l'humanité.

At the crossroads of nature and technology, Kadalys is committed to bio-innovative science with tangible results. A decade of intense research has allowed us to develop and patent 3 avant-garde Banana Bio-actives, pushing the boundaries of cosmetology. These 10 years of R&D also resulted in two theses in biochemistry, consolidating our unique positioning in the scientific exploration of the banana plant. These advances, crowned by the obtaining of 3 patents and the development of 3 exclusive active ingredients, attest to our tireless quest for excellence and the proven effectiveness of our products.