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Beauty boxes are ideal for discovering or introducing cosmetics that you don't necessarily know or use. There is something for all taste: assortments of large format products, travel formats, with or without accessories, routines for all skin types and ages. Don't have any ideas for gifts to please your loved ones? Go for the beauty boxes, you can hardly go wrong! It is also an opportunity to introduce your favorite beauty products or a brand that your loved ones don't know. Discover our selection of natural and organic gift boxes to please or to please yourself!

To whom can I offer a gift box and for what occasion?

Gift boxes are made for everyone! They can be given for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day or graduations, the choice is yours. You can also offer it for no reason, just to please someone or to please yourself! As far as beauty boxes are concerned, we can only encourage you to choose an organic beauty box containing natural and quality care products. A wonderful gift that is always a pleasure to give to your friends and family to discover organic and natural cosmetics that they can't find everywhere! It is also a nice attention that encourages your friends and family to convert to natural products, healthy for the skin and the planet, by limiting the controversial ingredients (endocrine disruptors, parabens, sulfates, etc.).

How to choose your organic beauty box

If you want to offer yourself an organic and natural beauty box: nothing is complicated! On the other hand, if you wish to offer it to someone, find out a few things before making your purchase:

  • skin type: dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, mature skin. This information will allow you to buy products that will meet the needs of the skin of the person to whom you offer the box.
  • the type of skincare she likes: texture, scent, zero waste products, ...
  • the brands he or she would like to discover: nothing better to hit the bull's eye!
  • if your loved one is rather make-up, face care, body care, hygiene, ...

And here is your personalized organic gift box! You can also assume that you want to make discover care products totally different from what he or she usually uses, in this case: make yourself happy!

What are the contents of the Kadalys organic and natural cosmetics boxes?

We offer you a selection of organic and natural boxes for all skin types and which meet different needs! Our Lift & Firm Set with Yellow Banana Organic-Active targets mature skin and addresses the visible signs of aging (visible wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin firmness, brown spots). Composed of our best sellers with global anti-aging action, Precious Radiance Oil and Musalift day cream, this duo smoothes fine lines, reduces the depth of established wrinkles, firms the oval of the face and nourishes the skin in depth. The skin texture is refined and its formula promotes skin regeneration for smoother, plumper skin. This is the ideal beauty set for all people from 40 - 45 years old! To continue in our selection of organic gift sets, we propose our Pink Banana Glow Kit, targeting pigmentation spots and dull skin in need of radiance. Composed of our Radiance Booster Serum with Pink Banana and the Purifying Superfatted Soap for face and body, the ingredients of this duo boost the radiance of the complexion:

  • The Pink Banana Organic-Active, developed by our Research, rich in anti-inflammatory rutin and super antioxidant molecules, this active ingredient reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots, evens out the complexion and plumps the skin
  • the ginger root, smoothes the skin and reduces brown spots
  • the guivaume, gives a healthy glow and beautifies the skin
  • green Banana Organic-active, purifies the skin and fights imperfections
  • the jojoba oil, regulates and softens the skin.

The Green Banana Pure Kit: the ideal gift for teenagers and young skin with imperfections

As we know, adolescence is an eventful time for the skin! With hormonal changes, young people can be prone to acne and dilated pores. Their skin is more sensitive and needs gentle yet effective care. Our green banana purifying set is perfect for them! It meets the needs of deep cleansing and promotes cell renewal, essential to avoid acne scars. The set includes a pretty eco-responsible cotton case that allows you to carry your beauty products or to store objects, our Organic Nutritive Oil and our Organic Exfoliating Peel. The Nutritive Oil purifies and regulates sebum production while fighting imperfections, blackheads and dilated pores. The Exfoliating Peel is a natural nugget that will eliminate dead skin and help reduce skin imperfections and scars. Radiance boost guaranteed! These two products will delight your teenagers with their fresh, natural floral fragrances and their effectiveness!

All you have to do is choose a Kadalys organic beauty box to please yourself or someone you know!

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