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Kadalys awarded for the Best Organic Product

Each year, Best Organic Product rewards around 150 beauty products. organic and ecological of commercial excellence in the specialized network. Each candidate product is assessed. by a jury composed & oacute; of minimum 100 & nbsp; & nbsp; & laquo; super testers & raquo; each selected according to a determined process; demanding. & nbsp; The evaluation of each product independently is made according to different criteria such as efficiency, smell, texture etc.

For the year 2020, we have received this distinction for & nbsp; L & rsquo; Melting Oil; make-up and L & rsquo; Huile Precious Radiance

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The cosmetics observatory recommends Kadalys

The & ldquo; & nbsp; Recommended & eacute; by L & rsquo; Observatory of Cosmetics & nbsp; & rsquo; indicates that the products are recommended by the jury of professional experts of L & rsquo; Observatoire des Cosm & eacute; tiques.

During the year 2017 The Observatory of Cosmetics recommended :

Lip and papillae balm
Radiance Precious Oil
Nutritive Precious Oil
Musalift Day cream
Musalis S & eacute; rum
Musalis Day cream
Musalis Cr & egrave; me nuit

During the year 2016 The Observatory of Cosmetics recommended :

Lip and taste bud balm
Musalift Cr & egrave; me jour

Beauty victories

The Victories of Beauty; each year rewards around fifty beauty products. The candidate products are submitted & agrave; a Quality Examination. Over an adapted period of time, consumers are testing. home care or beauty product; without knowing the brand. You should know that the products are fully & laquo; undressed to avoid brand influence. Only the product counts for judgment and nothing but the product! So no need to tell you that the products that pass this & laquo; quality review & raquo; really deserve their Victory of Beauty. & nbsp;

3 of our Kadalys products have been used. rewarded at the Victoires de la beauté; 2013/2014

Precious Nutritive Oil
Musalis Serum
Musaclean Peeling Exfoliant

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