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Natural Face Cleansers & Lotion

Cleansing your skin is a well-being gesture that should be done every day. Regardless of the season, the skin is sensitized all day long. Pollution, sun, rain, sebum secretion, perspiration, our diet and lack of water are factors that have an impact on it. Using a facial cleanser will help rid the epidermis of all the small dirt accumulated during the day. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a cleansing gel, micellar water, cleansing foam or even a cleansing oil. Of course this list is not exhaustive! Cleansing your face will eliminate impurities and therefore reduce potential imperfections, promote cell renewal and oxygenate the skin.

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How to choose your organic and natural cleanser?

Using organic cosmetic products allows you to eliminate overly irritating ingredients. The surfactants used (agents that allow a product to foam) are gentler. Endocrine disruptors are non-existent and the ingredients are of good quality. You are assured of using a product that is safe for your health. Organic cosmetics are committed to you but also to the planet. Reasoned and reasonable culture, respect for the people who work as well as the animals.

Cleansing your skin should be an everyday activity, so be sure to choose a product that you like (texture and smell). Among the most used leave-in products we find the tonic lotion or the cleansing lotion but also the cleansing milk for even more softness. For facial cleansers that rinse off: jelly, mousse, soap and oil are at the top.

Which natural cleanser to use according to your skin type?

Your choice of organic cleansing gel must also be made according to your skin type. Here are the different skin types:

  1. dry skin
  2. oily skin
  3. mixed skin

Dry skin, often sensitive skin, lacks hydration. Choose a cleansing oil rather than a cleansing milk, rich in fatty acids, or a cleansing milk. The goal is to cleanse the skin without attacking it and to nourish it at the same time.

For combination skin, no need to use two cleansers! You probably have oily skin in the T zone (chin, nose, forehead) and normal skin on the rest of your face. Use a non-aggressive cleanser to remove dead skin and oil accumulated during the day. Don't put too much emphasis on the T zone and moisturize your skin well with a cream with a non-greasy finish.

Oily skin is skin with excess sebum, prone to blemishes and enlarged pores. It's not a skin to be stripped though! It should be washed with gentle foaming cleansing gels. Unlike other skin, oily skin can also be cleansed in the morning because overproduction of sebum can occur during the night. In the evening, remove your makeup well using an oil and wash your face to remove the impurities that clog the skin. Try to choose cleansers with purifying essential oils (tea tree or bitter orange petitgrain).

For the particular case of mature skin, a cleansing makeup remover oil rich in antioxidants is a safe bet. Mature skin is fragile skin that needs to be gently cleansed while being stimulated by massages to be firmed.

What is the best organic facial cleanser?

The best organic facial cleanser is one that's right for you! It should leave you feeling clean without drying out your skin. Sensoriality being very important in cosmetics, the scent and texture must please you!

Micellar jelly is made for those who love airy, light textures and its gentle cleansing foam for the skin. It deeply cleanses the skin and eliminates dead cells. The cleansing oil, a 2 in 1 product, is ideal for those who do not want to multiply products.

Ingredients and instructions for use of Kadalys organic cleaners

OUR organic make-up remover oil is perfect for normal to dry and sensitive skin. Take a small amount and apply it using circular movements to thoroughly remove makeup. To transform its gel texture into a foaming cleanser and milky emulsion, all you have to do is wet your face. Your skin comes out clean, soft and illuminated thanks to muscat rose vegetable oil and unifying lemon water.

There organic clarifying toner with lemon extract brings freshness to your face. Very pleasant in the morning to wake up the skin or at the end of the day to cleanse it without having to rinse it. The lactic acid present in the formula will help evacuate dead cells present on the skin. It also helps maintain hydration. The little extra? It is suitable for all skin types!

Need a gentle product to clean your face? THE cleansing gel is the product from our brand that you need, whatever your skin! The green banana found in the ingredients is an ally that helps the skin maintain its elasticity, suppleness and hydration. This cleanser can be used morning and evening, on cleansed skin.

There Gentle micellar gel with pink banana is a concentrate of antioxidants, thanks to rice vegetable oil, perfect for mature skin (and all others!). It also contains castor oil which nourishes the skin. Its delicate and flowery scent will take you on a journey with each use!

Use an organic facial cleanser adapted to your skin type and whose texture and use you like. If you feel the need, you can wash your face in the morning but generally once in the evening is enough. And don't forget that hydration is also very important for healthy skin!