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Our treatments are adapted to suit your needs. all skin types. & nbsp;

"Normal skin" is healthy skin. The balance between hydration and serum is maintained, the T zone (forehead, chin and nose) can sometimes be slightly oily. & Nbsp;

Normal skin is characterized by:

- Good blood circulation: to the touch it is hot

- A soft and smooth texture

- A fresh appearance and a luminous color

- Little or no imperfection

A & laquo; dry skin & raquo; is skin that produces less serum than "normal skin". It does not have enough epidermal lipids to maintain the barrier function of the skin. The skin dehydrates faster because with an impaired barrier function the skin loses its capacity. & agrave; retain water well.

A dry skin is characterized by:

- Feelings of tightness

- A dull appearance and lack of softness

Very dry skin is further characterized by:

- Slight peeling accompanied by a feeling of tightness (discomfort, itching)

- A rough appearance with sometimes even pigment spots related to the skin. premature aging of the skin.

A & laquo; oily skin & raquo; is a skin with an important production of serum. Several factors can trigger an overproduction of sebum: genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, certain comical cosmetics such as makeup products for example.

Oily skin is characterized by:

- Visible and dilated pores - A shiny appearance of skin

- Thicker skin

- Skin with imperfections: blackheads and acne ;.

A "combination skin" is a variation of several types of skin between the cheek area and the T area (forehead, chin and nose). Oily areas of combination skin are the result of overproduction of serum. The drier areas of combination skin are bonded to the skin. a deficiency in serum.

Combination skin is characterized by:

- A fatty and shiny T zone

- Large pores in this area

- Dry cheeks & agrave; normal

"Sensitive skin" is skin that reacts more than normal skin. She can get irritated easily have redness, itching and burning sensations, rhythms, stinging sensations.

You should know that & rsquo; & agrave; any time our skin can become sensitive especially when its protective barrier function is weakened but also by physical upheavals (pregnancy, aging & hellip;). It then becomes vulnerable to external irritants, with manifestations on the face, body or scalp. Its signs can appear anywhere. and anytime.

Sensitive skin is characterized by:

- Visible signs such as rhythms, scales, demons or roughness

- Sensory signs such as sensations of eating, tightness, burning or tingling

The symptoms can sometimes look similar to this. those with dry skin, however they cannot be treated just by skincare intended for dry skin, soothing agents are required in addition. & nbsp;


In accordance with the ECOCERT / COSMOS reference, our products contain between 95% and 100% of ingredients of natural origin, part of which are organic. & nbsp;

Our limited editions are natural formulas, but we have chosen not to obtain the organic label.

Animal testing is prohibited in France and Europe.

Our treatments are therefore not tested on animals, moreover we have chosen not to use any material of animal origin in our formulas (honey or beeswax, k & eacute; terrycloth, animal milk, & hellip;).

There is no Chlordecone in the banana. & nbsp;

On the one hand there will not be any because the molecule does not & nbsp; does not migrate into the banana tree. This means that it cannot be absorbed and present in the plant. It is therefore a crop that is authorized on contaminated plots.

In addition, we perform tests more extensive than those required by French regulations and we do not have traces of chlordecon in our "banana" bioactives. Indeed, we test the imposed list for the drug (stricter than the cosmetics) plus all the inputs used in the past; or present in the French West Indies.

To be transparent, we publish the results on our social networks, you can consult for example our pages & nbsp; facebook.

You can also check out one of the interviews with our founder on this subject.

We are for ethical, participatory capitalism. 100% of Martinique planters are shareholders of our company. since 2016.

The ecological dimension has been in our DNA for 10 years, our treatments are conditioned either in glass packaging 60% of our catalog, with pumps that separate for better recycling. Our ranges packaged in recyclable plastic.

Our cases are made in France. paper base from sustainably managed forests (FSC label) without instructions or wedges. & nbsp;

We are continuing our drive to make our ranges even more co-responsible

The tubes used are in PET in accordance with the ECOCERT / COSMOS specifications, therefore recyclable & agrave; 100%.

This type of plastic is still today the most ecological alternative for packaging liquid products (excluding oils).

All our formulas are tested and validated by independent toxicologists for regulatory aspects.

For efficacy testing, under dermatologist supervision and by independent laboratories. All in France.

We are a French brand from Martinique, a French department located in Martinique. in the West Indies. Our bananas come from Guadeloupe and Martinique. Our research laboratory is currently located. & agrave; Montpellier.

Obviously, we do not perform animal testing for our products, and anyway, European regulations strictly forbid it.

We test our cosmetics via alternative methods or in the clinic on volunteers.

We go beyond & agrave; refusal of animal testing, we also ensure; do not use any animal material in our formulas (beeswax, keratin, milk, & hellip;).

Vegetables provide us with enough super-ingredients to make quality cosmetics.

In accordance with the ECOCERT / COSMOS reference, we do not use its raw materials in our products. We formulate with Ecocert certified preservatives.

Our perfumes are developed by a creative perfumer according to our request. This is a unique blend of essential oils, therefore 100% natural.

The products therefore do not contain any trace of phthalate when using these fragrances.

Essential oils contain by definition a large number of active compounds, some of which may have a more allergenic nature than others.

Our perfume therefore provides minute amounts of substances listed as allergens. If you are very sensitive to it, then privilege specially designed care.

All our products are natural and are formulated with natural fragrances (except our eye area which is fragrance free). Our perfumes represent a small part of our formulas. However, always as a precaution, it is recommended to test the products on the folds of the arm (sensitive skin).

No product is contraindicated; toxicologically pregnant women.

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