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How to choose your organic anti-wrinkle cream

When choosing your anti-aging treatment, choose organic formulas and be sure to take a look at the ingredients that composes it, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Some ingredients should be avoided because of their harmful effects on your skin and on your health. Thus, products made without silicone, parabens or phthalates are perfect for taking care of your face, preserving its beauty while respecting the environment. Therefore, prefer products certified natural and organic for a use in all serenity according to its type of skin. Certifications are usually affixed to organic products to help you spot them. This is the case with Kadalys anti-aging creams, certified organic and vegan.

However, some ingredients are naturally effective to operate on the appearance of deep wrinkles, even on mature skin of women and men. This is the case, for example, with the vegetable oils rich in restorative omega 3 and 6, which also help to unified the complexion and fight against pigment spots such as musk rose, pomegranate, macadamia, avocado or castor oil. Exceptional natural anti-wrinkle ingredients that can be found in the formulation of Kadalys products, are suitable for all budgets.

At what age should you use an anti-wrinkle cream?

Our skin and its needs change with age. Choosing an anti-wrinkle or anti-aging treatment adapted to our age is therefore essential. For young skin (around 20 years old), we believe that good hydration is generally sufficient to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, the loss of collagen and elastin begins at the age of 20! Hydration is the basis of all anti-aging action. With the right dose of hydration, your skin stays firm and beautiful. Alternating your moisturizing day cream with an energizing and protective treatment (rather than an anti-aging treatment) is a good option. On the other hand, to prevent the signs of premature aging, removing makeup well, cleaning the skin and using quality products so as not to overload it with harmful components is key.

Today, many products are nowadays available and enriched with natural anti-aging ingredients, to gently prepare your skin for the use of anti-wrinkle creams, prevent the first signs of aging and protect your skin from external aggressions. 

From the age of 30, you can start using anti-aging treatments for first wrinkles, alternating with your moisturizer to start the prevention of first wrinklesand prevent them from settling too comfortably. Choose your anti-wrinkle cream adapted to your skin type, and find a routine that suits it: every day, morning and evening, or even during the day (protective action), only at night (stimulating action) for a targeted action. Choose an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle treatment enriched with hydrating, smoothing, energizing and detoxifying ingredients to stimulate cell renewal and obtain a smooth skin texture.

After 40 years, it is preferable to use an anti-aging treatment every day (morning and evening) to prevent the appearance of new fine lines and reduce marked wrinkles and visible signs of aging. Always taking care to provide a maximum hydration to your skin, make sure to choose anti-aging treatment rich in moisturizing agents (such as hyaluronic acid), unifying agents (such as fruit acids) and nourishing fatty substances ( go for restorative and anti-aging vegetable oils) which will bring deep lipids to mature skin that lacks it and preserve a beautiful skin for longer.

Organic Kadalys lifting creams

Finding the best organic anti-wrinkle cream is sometimes an obstacle course! The Musalift range addresses the visible signs of aging (established wrinkles, fine lines, pigment spots, sagging skin) and consists of three treatments that act in synergy: two anti-wrinkle creams and a serum with targeted and effective actions (clinically proven results) which are suitable for all skin types (normal, dry, oily). These regenerating creams fight imperfections and visible signs of aging thanks to natural ingredients and the main lifting active ingredients, raffirming and unifying and that they contain.

The Organic Musalift Lifting Day Cream, enriched with firming plant active ingredients of yellow banana and plumping hyaluronic acid, provides long-lasting hydration (8 hours) and gives your skin all the weapons it needs to fight against wrinkles. Its immediate tightening effect contributes to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, for radiant and smoother skin.

The Organic Musalift Lifting Night Cream takes over for the night, and stimulates the renewal of cell regeneration for firmer skin and a luminous face when you wake up. Its nourishing action and light texture combined with a fragrance with floral notes are perfect to accompany your dreams of well-being.

Finally, to complete the Musalift range, discover the Organic Lifting Serum. Anti-dark spots and firming, it actively helps fight against the signs of aging thanks to its velvety texture enriched with the Organic-active Lifting Yellow Banana and its correcting and unifying active ingredients, revealing radiance.

Made in France, vegan and organic certified by Ecocert, our anti-wrinkle creams are suitable for all skin types and help fight the visible signs of aging.

Some precautions for use, or how to properly use your anti-wrinkle care

Checking the composition of your anti-aging treatment is important. But applying your anti-aging cream correctly is just as important for optimizing the effects of the treatment and seeing results quickly on the density and quality of the skin. As with a classic moisturizer, certain gestures and precautions for use must be adopted.

First, make sure you don't forget your neck. Too often, we forget this area, however delicate and exposed to external aggressions (UV, pollution, blue light from screens). Prone to sagging skin, if it is not sufficiently hydrated and protected, this fragile area will tend to wrinkle, have brown spots and betrays our age.

To apply your anti-aging serum and cream day and night, one or two pumps, or a small dab of product is enough. Apply your treatment from the bottom up (chin to forehead), from the center of the face to the outside (from the nose to the temples), with light smoothing movements. Taking the time to massage your face allows you to relax, but also to fight against tissue stress, the number one enemy of our skin, and ally of wrinkles and signs of aging. To do this, apply the cream with gentle but firm movements, in the direction of the lymphatic circulation. Some massage techniques reduce wrinkles by loosening the tissues that surround sensitive areas, such as the forehead or mouth, the main areas of expression of emotions.

An anti-aging eye contour is also a great asset to keep your eyes awake longer. This will help preserve the delicate skin in this area while preventing fine lines from settling in the corners of your pretty eyes. This treatment is to be applied with small circular movements, starting from the corner of the inner eye towards the outer corner, following the ring and the brow bone.

You will understand, day and night, applying your anti-wrinkle cream with the right gestures is essential to allow your skin to keep all its beauty.

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