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Organic & Natural Eye and Lip care

Takecareof hisskinis learning to use the right products for each area of ​​your body and face! Indeed, we know that not all skin types have the same needs, but did you know that depending on the area of ​​the face, the needs are not the same either?
For example, theeye areamust be hydrated with care provided for this purpose. Being an area very poor in sebaceous glands, which provide part of thehydrationof the skin, the eye area tends to be dry and mark more quickly than the rest of the face (fatigue, dark circles, swollen eyelids, etc.). But that's not all: the lips and thelip contouralso need aproductdedicated to them! Devoid of sebaceous glands, and unable to ensure their hydration themselves, the lips are in fact a very fragile part of the face. Alip balmis therefore essential to their nutrition and hydration!

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Thirst-quenching Eye Mask - MOISTURIZES & REGENERATESThirst-quenching Eye Mask - MOISTURIZES & REGENERATES
Sold outLip and Taste Buds BalmLip and Taste Buds Balm
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Baume Lèvres Banane 15ML - NOURRIT & RÉPARE KadalysBaume Lèvres Banane 15ML - NOURRIT & RÉPARE Kadalys

Why take care of your eyes and lips?

The eye contour area is a very sensitive part of the face: thin skin, poor in sebaceous glands, dark circles, puffiness, sensitive skin that marks quickly, expression lines... To have a beautiful eye contour area, there's no secret: you have to take care of it! And what better way than with a specially formulated eye contour treatment? Richer in moisturizing ingredients, enriched with natural active ingredients that relieve congestion around the eyes and eyelids, or combat the signs of skin aging, eye contour care is the beauty product you need in your routine.
As for the lips, we're faced with the same issues: lip skin is also very thin, perpetually exposed to external aggressions (cold, heat, air conditioning, heating, etc.), lacking sebaceous glands and sensitized by lipsticks or glosses. All these little worries not only lead to dehydrated lips, but also to tightness and chapping over the long term. To keep your lips plump and moisturized, it's essential to use a lip balm or moisturizing cream!

Reasons to choose the right products for your eyes and lips

Choosing the right moisturizing products for eyes and lips is essential! As mentioned above, these two areas of the face are fragile, with thin, sensitive skin. Beyond creating an allergy or a bad reaction, using a cosmetic product that isn't designed for one of these two areas may not be effective! A moisturizing cream for the face, for example, won't be effective enough for the eye area or lips.
To take care of these two areas, we therefore recommend choosing suitable skincare products and, if possible, organic or natural ones.
Cosmetics made with natural ingredients are not only gentler on the skin, but also better adapted to its needs! Ingredients of natural origin are more compatible with the skin's structure, so they penetrate better and are better assimilated by the skin. Not to mention that with natural products, you avoid controversial ingredients that can be easily ingested, especially with lip care!

Why use lip balm?

Lip balm is a beauty product designed to care for the lips! Moisturizing, plumping, in stick or cream form, tinted or neutral, its application allows lips to be nourished and look beautiful.
Our Lips and Taste Buds Balm fulfils its role as a moisturizer and repairer for lips, thanks to natural active ingredients such as our bio-active banana (rich in fats), jojoba and castor plant oils (nourishing and regenerating) and mimosa (which creates a protective film on the lips' surface).
Its little extra? It makes an excellent base for lipstick!

Which mask for my eyes?

An eye contour cream should meet your needs: nourishing, moisturizing, decongesting, lifting, anti-dark circle... But apart from eye creams, oils or gels, have you thought about using a mask?
Our Thirst-Quenching Eye Mask is a natural skin care product that can be used as a night mask or as a quick mask! Composed of glycerine (moisturizing), green banana bioactive (maintains skin's elasticity, hydration and suppleness) and a red algae complex (for 24-hour hydration), this mask reduces signs of fatigue and perfectly moisturizes the eye contour area. Its little plus? Its fresh gel texture that soothes puffy eyelids!

For natural lip and eye care, choose Kadalys natural cosmetics.