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What is a first wrinkle cream?

A first wrinkle cream is a nourishing care that should deeply moisturize the skin and plump it up. As the years go by, our skin has trouble staying naturally moisturized. Our sebaceous glands produce less sebum and cell renewal is slower. It is then necessary to fill this vacuum of "fat" by an adapted care. Moreover, did you know that oily skin, unlike dry skin, ages more slowly? The sebum naturally present on the skin makes it thicker and more elastic. It is better protected from external aggressions and continuously moisturized. Of course, other factors come into play, but combination to oily skin has a head start!
Your first wrinkle cream must also have a good SPF to protect you from the sun. Ideally, it also protects against external pollution.

When do the first wrinkles appear on the skin?

Well, it all depends on your lifestyle and your genetics! If the women in your family have fairly smooth skin despite the passing years, you may be lucky enough to enjoy it. However, don't rest on your laurels! Factors outside of your genes also come into play. Cigarettes, lifestyle, a balanced diet, moderate (and always protected) sun exposure and hydration are all things that will determine whether or not the aging of your skin will accelerate. It is not a question of depriving yourself but of enjoying everything in moderation! Our skin is a reflection of our inner state, so if you have a dull complexion, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants. If you are tired, a good night's sleep and a liter of water will help you greatly!

What are the first wrinkles that appear?

The first wrinkles that appear are often expression lines. They are located around the eyes, the forehead (we all know the frown lines!) and the mouth. They are the result of fatigue and a loss of elasticity of our tissues due to sustained activity! To help you delay the appearance of these expression lines, you can massage your face. Massage stimulates the tissues and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the skin's elasticity. There are several options available to you:

  • a roll-on to apply your eye contour. It massages and deposits the product at the same time.
  • a jade roller to massage your face every day. After applying your oil or day cream. Same thing in the evening.
  • a gua sha made of natural semi-precious stone. It is used in the same way as the jade roller! For an anti-aging action, choose rose quartz.

Why use an organic cream rather than a conventional cream?

Using organic cosmetics guarantees that your skin care products are formulated with quality ingredients. If you find mineral oils in conventional anti-aging creams (which provide superfluous hydration), our organic anti-aging creams contain vegetable oils. A mineral oil is nothing but a petroleum derivative! Organic creams offer you quality care, rich in essential fats and active ingredients. To give you an idea: in conventional creams, the active ingredients or useful vitamins are found at the end of the INCI list. Translation: they are very little present in the product. On the other hand, in our organic anti-aging products, for example, the active ingredients are found at the beginning of the ingredient list and are therefore very present in the product. Organic creams offer effective care for all skin types!

What beauty routine should you follow to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles?

To help you delay the appearance of the first wrinkles, we advise you to take care of your lifestyle. Generally speaking, when you take care of your body and your mind at the same time, you are quickly thanked! So how do you go about it?

  • Give yourself a decent night's sleep, not 5 hours but 8 hours a night! A rested skin is a luminous skin with supple features.
  • Watch your lifestyle, avoid fast food every day, think about your intake of vegetables, fiber, fruit and protein! Drinking water is also very important to avoid a dull complexion and tight skin.
  • Moisturize yourself! Take a day and night cream adapted to your skin type. If you feel that they are not moisturizing enough, add hyaluronic acid. It allows the skin to keep its hydrolipidic film at its best!
  • Protect yourself from the sun and pollution.

If, despite all your efforts, they have already set in, we leave you with our tips for reducing wrinkles. But don't forget that you are beautiful, with or without wrinkles, the main thing is to feel good about your skin!

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