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The Union of Banana Producers Groups of Guadeloupe and Martinique (UGPBAN)

The Union of Groups of Banana Producers of Guadeloupe and Martinique (UGPBAN) brings together all the banana producers from Guadeloupe and Martinique. United within a cooperative, their 600 family farms guarantee cultivation practices at the cutting edge of agricultural sciences, a guarantee of traceability and quality for the consumer.

As the leading private employer in Guadeloupe and Martinique, the industry plays a key role in preserving local employment. Nearly 10,000 direct and indirect jobs are thus generated. These men and women who commit and work together to guarantee quality, sustainable and responsible agricultural production!

In order to ensure optimal quality and traceability of our raw materials, included in the composition of our Banana Bio-actives, and because we share the vision of a benevolent, inclusive economy which preserves and sharing, 100% of Martinican producers are shareholders of our company via BANAMART.

We work closely with these producers aligned with the values ​​of KADALYS, for their innovative know-how at the forefront of agricultural sciences but also with respect for the environment and people. Their good practices thus guarantee the production of an exemplary, quality, clean and sustainable banana, which forms part of the formulation of our precious cosmetic active ingredients certified organic and with proven effectiveness.

The Sustainable Banana plan

Work for the Earth, People and the economy

Committed to revolutionizing agriculture, the Banana sector of Guadeloupe & amp; Martinique implemented in December 2008 the Sustainable Banana Plan, established in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and local communities. The objective of the sector is to "work for the Earth, People and the economy" through the creation of IT2 (Tropical Technical Institute), collaboration with CIRAD (French Research Center specializing in fruits tropical) and the work of producers, to reinvent the vision of agriculture and set up a sustainable and responsible model.


In order to produce the most virtuous and cleanest bananas, strictly meeting French and European standards, the Banana de Guadeloupe & amp; Martinique invests in innovation and continues to develop its practices to preserve natural resources.

Thanks to these good practices, the banana plantations of Guadeloupe and Martinique today constitute a refuge for many animal species. There are 214 species of insects, twice as many bird species * in 10 years. Now this biodiversity protects crops.

* CIHENCE 2015 study

Image credit: UGPBAN / Banane de Guadeloupe & amp; Martinique

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