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For over 10 years, we have believed that effective beauty should be natural and authentic: our banana research is inspired by Caribbean pharmacopoeia and nature-based biotechnology.

Known as the "plant with a thousand uses", the banana tree has played an important role in traditional Caribbean medicine for centuries, with bananas and their peels used externally for their soothing, healing and revitalising cosmetic and therapeutic

KADALYS banana bioactives are derived from innovative,
patented extraction processes,
based on the non-polluting principles of green chemistry. Objectively evaluated and clinically tested, our bioactives are some of the most effective ingredients in the plant world.

Today, KADALYS is the only brand worldwide to have pushed the boundaries of scientific innovation enough to acquire true banana expertise.


Shirley BILLOT founded KADALYS in 2012 with a very specific goal: to develop research into the banana tree and create organic,
sustainable and ethical cosmetics. 
More than just a fruit, Shirley wanted to highlight how innovative it truly was by developing
three bioactives: the Green Banana Bioactive, Yellow Banana Bioactive, and Pink Banana Bioactive. Each has unbeatable
powerful properties, which you can learn more about in our e-shop.

To discover more about our research, check out the pages below and dive into the world of KADALYS’ green chemistry.