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Our eco-design vision and commitments go far beyond mere principles; they embody our deep commitment to the environment and sustainability. At Kadalys, we have integrated every stage of the chain, from planting to the finished products you find in the hands of consumers. Our approach to eco-design is based on fundamental principles that aim to minimize environmental impact throughout the life cycle of our products.


Life cycle assessment :

Our commitment begins with a thorough understanding of every stage, from the planting of our raw materials to the delivery of our products to consumers. This enables us to identify exactly where we can make significant environmental improvements. We are convinced that full traceability of our supply chain is essential to making informed eco-design decisions.

Minimization of resources:

Reducing our environmental footprint is a constant priority.
On our banana plantations, we promote the principles of eco-extraction using supercritical fluids, a virtuous technique that helps minimize food waste and preserve natural resources. We are also committed to reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and water throughout the life cycle of our products.

Use of sustainable materials:

Our choice of materials is guided by a deep respect for the environment. We opt for recycled, renewable or low environmental impact materials. From our recycled and recyclable glass or plastic containers to our goodies selected to be meaningful (seeds), we strive to make responsible choices for the planet.

Eco-extraction :

We constantly strive to optimize the energy efficiency and environmental performance of our products, without compromising their quality and functionality. The choice of extraction techniques for our active ingredients is carefully studied to achieve this balance.

Consumer awareness :

We believe in transparency and accountability to our customers. We are committed to openly communicating our eco-design efforts, so that our partners and customers can make informed decisions and choose products that reflect their environmental values.

At Kadalys, eco-design is more than just a philosophy, it's a way of working, creating and living in harmony with the planet. We're proud of our commitment to sustainability at every stage of our process, from plantation to your hands, and we'll continue to innovate and evolve for a more eco-friendly future. Join us on this adventure towards a greener, more responsible world.