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Moisturizing your skin, summer and winter, is very important. Well-hydrated skin is supple skin and will age more slowly than others. Several methods are available to you to moisturize your skin: classic creams, vegetable butters or vegetable oils. In this last category, we find oils with a greasy finish, not super practical when you want to get dressed afterwards, and dry oils. A dry oil has the same moisturizing properties as an oil with a greasy finish but it penetrates the skin more quickly! Sesame, jojoba, or hemp oil for example are dry oils, they are rich in omega 3 and 6. Pure or composed of several ingredients, a dry oil can be used on the body, on the hair or in massage oil. We advise you to choose natural dry oils for optimal hydration!

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What is dry oil for and why use it on the body?

Concretely, what is dry oil? It's quite simply a moisturizing body oil that penetrates more quickly than a traditional oil. Dry oils are found in conventional cosmetics and organic cosmetics. Be careful not to confuse dry oil and mineral oil! Mineral oil is a fatty substance of fossil origin, coming from the petrochemical industry, therefore from petroleum… It provides unnecessary hydration to the skin and tends to clog pores.

How to choose your body oil?

The best body oils are those that contain pure vegetable oils or blends of vegetable oils. Ideal for having peachy skin! If you have irritated skin or sensitive skin, choose an oil without alcohol or essential oils for more softness. All skin types, even dry skin, can use oil-based products to moisturize. Moreover, the texture of dry oil can be as smooth as that of a cream!

The benefits of dry oils on the body?

Depending on the oil synergy you choose, you will benefit from different properties. Generally speaking, a dry oil is:

  • nourishing (rich in fatty acids)
  • antioxidant (good for skin regeneration)
  • relaxing, if you choose them with suitable essential oils
  • tan enhancer
  • beautifying (for skin and hair!)
  • balancing
  • soothing

On top of that, a few drops of oil are enough to stay hydrated all day long!

How to use Kadalys organic oils

Discover Kadalys body and hair oils with a non-greasy finish! Apply for nourished, soothed and radiant skin. They are also perfect for giving shine to your hair and giving it vitality. Their formulas have been developed with ingredients of natural origin including our yellow banana and green banana bio-actives. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, your skin is protected from skin aging. Don't hesitate any longer and go for one of them!