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Fruit of benevolence

Symbol of generosity, abundance and freedom, the banana reflects our commitment to a caring and inclusive economy:

The banana tree, central plant of the Creole garden, is a generous, benevolent and altruistic herb: its large leaves provide shade for neighboring species and promote their growth. In addition, all parts of the banana have function and therapeutic utility. For nearly 300 years, bananas have provided local populations with autonomy, emancipation, mutual aid and the enhancement of the French West Indian territory:

  • In 1736, by royal decree, the banana was authorized for cultivation by the slaves of Martinique. Unlike the cultivation of sugar cane associated with slavery, that of bananas has a liberating and emancipating image.

  • Even today, the banana is the symbol of participatory capitalism: at KADALYS, all our planters are shareholders. In addition, banana plantations revalue territories forgotten or neglected by globalization and help support the local economy, fair trade for responsible French production.

  • The circular economy is at the center of our concerns. We give a second life to “forgotten bananas” by transforming agro-waste into cosmetic active ingredients.

Fruit of inclusive beauty

Symbol of beauty in several cultures, the banana perfectly embodies our vision of cosmopolitan beauty, indifferent to origins.

For millennia, the Kadalï banana in Sanskrit, has accompanied the life of men and nourished the imagination : the incarnation of Lakshmi, goddess of beauty for some, symbol of the lost paradise for others.

From Asia to the Pacific Islands, from Africa to the Americas, the history of the banana is that of a traveler fruit, symbol of crossbreeding. Follow the route of the most consumed fruit in world and its cosmopolitan origins through the centuries, it is a little to follow that of Men.

Like bananas, KADALYS beauty is diverse, exploratory, curious about others: an inclusive beauty indifferent to origins, far from stereotypes.

We celebrate all beauties in their uniqueness, regardless of origins and skin color. We welcome differences and encourage all women to love and accept themselves as they are.

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