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Article: Why do we use recyclable and biodegradable cosmetic packaging?

Pourquoi utilisons-nous des emballages cosmétiques recyclables et biodégradables ?

Why do we use recyclable and biodegradable cosmetic packaging?

Being concerned about the composition of your cosmetic products is good, but looking at its container is even better.

When you claim to be a green brand, the form is as important as the substance. Plastic, aluminum… So many materials that are toxic to the skin and the planet.

This is why Kadalys strives to develop recyclable packaging that limits the carbon impact of our addiction to cosmetics. Head to the Kadalys workshop, to find out everything about the making of our products and more precisely our packaging!

Zoom on our cosmetic packaging made from 100% recyclable material

Deplasticize beauty? It’s possible, and that’s Kadalys’ ambition! Who said that the cosmetics market had to be limited to the traditional plastic bottle which pollutes our visual field and the atmosphere.

Today, there is an urgent need to consider that packaging is waste that pollutes the environment. More and more consumers are as concerned about the content as the container.

This is why we decided to turn to more responsible alternatives in order to reduce our ecological impact , I named recycled plastic , glass and bio-sourced cardboard!

If the eco-design of our packaging is particularly important to us, it is because we make a point of reducing our footprint from one end of the manufacturing chain to the other, with recyclables being the link. strong in this virtuous circle. Zoom in on these recyclable packaging that are changing the game!

Our recyclable plastic bottles and tubes

Since the European Commission has taken on the challenge of eliminating all plastic packaging with recyclables by 2030, we had some sense and anticipated this measure. Faced with the climate emergency, brands are on the front line to transform our consumption habits and move towards more responsible actions. This is why we are gradually replacing our plastic tubes with recycled plastic aka the famous PCR. This is a material made from post-consumer plastic waste, which really helps reduce our impact on the environment . At Kadalys, everything is good in the bottle , namely that each part is recyclable in a single gesture.

Chemically inert, well collected and infinitely recyclable , glass is also an excellent alternative in terms of ecological packaging . This is why we have relied on this solution for our anti-aging products and our oils. From the jar to the pump, everything is recyclable ! This approach in favor of zero waste and 100% recyclable allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our cardboard and biosourced paper cases, FSC certified

FSC-labeled cardboard, quezako? This environmental label guarantees that the wood comes from forests or plantations, managed in a responsible and sustainable manner thanks to the obligation of a traceability procedure. We play with complete transparency! Whoever wants is not labeled FSC since this certification is based on an ultra strict and demanding charter, namely:

  1. Compliance with FSC laws and principles
  2. Land rights and responsibilities and uses
  3. The rights of indigenous peoples
  4. Workers' rights and relations with communities
  5. Forest resources
  6. The impact on the environment
  7. The development plan
  8. Monitoring and evaluation
  9. Maintaining forests with high conservation value
  10. The plantations
To reduce our ecological impact , all our cases are made from FSC-certified cardboard and bio-sourced paper. No risk taking!

Cotton, OEKO-TEX certified

Toiletry bag, pouch, vanity case... So many accessories that speak to beauty-addicts! To perfect its total green look, Kadalys has imagined a collection that reflects its approach : committed and sustainable!

All our accessories are 100% cotton, OEKO-TEX certified. This label guarantees that the cotton used as well as the dyes are free of controversial chemical substances that could cause harmful consequences on health.

Our new products made from recycled and recyclable materials

The era of everything recycled and everything recyclable is already well underway in our workshops. To introduce beauty addicts to the joys of organic cosmetics, Kadalys continues to innovate. This is why our new products benefit from “hand-sewn” packaging in recyclable plastic .

Recycled plastic lip balm

Winter is here and so are the first inconveniences that accompany it. The season of chapped lips is upon us, hence the importance of taking care of your lips with an essential product, I call lip balm. It is undoubtedly our best ally if we want to have soft, hydrated and smooth lips in all circumstances.

Without further ado, Kadalys reveals the new addition to its collection, a lip balm that deeply nourishes and repairs thanks to a concentrate of active ingredients. Its complex of vegetable oils and waxes gives this treatment immediate nutrition and comfort.

Thanks to an ultra clean formulation, from packaging to potting, and ingredients meticulously selected for their active properties, it intensely nourishes, strengthens lips and their contours, repairs chapped lips and protects from external aggressions.

Result ? Your lips are visibly softer, supple and plumped. On the application side, nothing could be simpler. You can use it as you wish at any time of the day if you feel the slightest discomfort.

This 100% natural treatment can also serve as a makeup base and promote better diffusion of pigments for a unified color. Applied after lipstick, it revives the color and gives the lips a glossy and plumped appearance!

Recycled plastic eye contour

They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. Not so sure... It's clear that the shiny bags, purplish dark circles and small wrinkles that nestle under our peepers, from the age of 25, do not reflect our inner glow.

Too often neglected, the area around the eyes deserves special attention if we want to preserve our doe eyes.

From the age of 25, we opt for an eye contour treatment , with ingredients of natural origin please! To perfect the beauty of the eyes, Kadalys is renewing the packaging of its Quenching Eye Mask, with a recycled plastic tube!

This treatment has the dual advantage of hydrating this ultra-sensitive area but also of regenerating the skin to reduce signs of fatigue and erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Thanks to a complex of Bio-active Green Banana, red algae and glycerin, this prodigious treatment deeply decongests the eye area . Its ultra-fresh gel texture awakens the eyes in an instant. Down with your eyelashes!

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