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Article: Organic cosmetics recycled and vegan thanks to the recycling of banana peels

Des cosmétiques bio recyclé et vegan grâce au recyclage de peaux de banane

Organic cosmetics recycled and vegan thanks to the recycling of banana peels

AtKadalys, we believe in a natural beauty that respects the skinthe environment, the animals, but also the work of human beings. For this reason, we have developed eco-responsible cosmetics.

All of our cosmetic products are organic, & recycled with upcycled ingredients. From the manufacturing of our ecological cosmetic packaging to the care itself.

The use of green chemistry and bio-extraction, allows us to offer you effective and sensory cosmetics, respectful of the environment and ecology.

Use of upcycled bananas in our organic cosmetics

Filled with benefits for the skin and hair, bananas have always been at the heart of our formulations. To make its use even more responsible and to be part of a true eco-design, we decided to use upcycled bananas!

Thus, after a few years of existence, our brand of organic and natural cosmetics has joined forces with banana producers in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

This association allowed us to recover unsaleable bananas in order to formulate our cosmetics, but also to support these small producers whose work is precious.


The benefits of banana peels in cosmetics

Thanks to our passion for innovation and research in the natural beauty sector, we were able to quickly develop exclusive banana bio-actives!

Obtained from the banana peel and pulp, these bio-actives are upcycled beauty ingredients that have many benefits.
The yellow banana is a concentrate of omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids.

It is used in skin care products for mature skin or to fight the first signs of aging since it has a lifting, firming and regenerating power!

The pink banana is an ingredient rich in antioxidant, it is moreover 4,500 times that of argan oil, known to be very antioxidant. Therefore, the pink banana is used in skin care products that will boost the radiance of the skin and unify the complexion.

The green banana is perfect for combination to oily skin as it has purifying and balancing properties and refines the skin texture.

Depending on your skin type and needs, our eco-friendly banana cosmetics are perfect for your natural skincare routine!

How to obtain an organic and vegan cosmetic product from banana peels?

To formulate our organic , natural and vegan beauty products, we use processing methods derived from green chemistry.

This chemistry requires us to use raw materials of plant origin, therefore renewable, and transformation processes that respect the environment in order to create biodegradable ingredients with low environmental impact!

For the rest, we select natural ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven and we develop ecological and recyclable packaging.

With our brand of upcycled and organic cosmetics, we aim at zero waste by revalorizing agri-food waste from the banana industry and try to set up a circular and participative economy beneficial to all.

Thanks to this vision of beauty and our eco-designed packaging, we greatly reduce our impact on the environment while offering sensorial and effective beauty products!

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