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Article: What is clean beauty?

Qu’ est-ce que la clean beauty ?

What is clean beauty?

If beauty rhymes with cleanliness, I buy! You have probably already heard of this trend that is more respectful of the skin and the planet, I call it clean beauty. This eco-friendly and responsible approach simply allows you to do less but better, according to the philosophy of less is more, acclaimed by beauty addicts.

More and more consumers no longer hesitate to dissect the composition of products before purchasing by examining the INCI list closely. A real challenge for cosmetic brands who must now show a white “bottle” by demonstrating more transparency both in the formulation of their products and in their approach. Minimalist ritual, optimization of active ingredients… The superfluous has no place in clean beauty which gives pride of place to organic, natural and vegan ingredients!

What is this new beauty trend that is causing panic on the web? Back to basics thanks to clean beauty or the art of maintaining your skin naturally!


  1. Origin of clean beauty
  2. Why choose clean beauty?
  3. Transparency on the components
  4. The benefits of precious banana oil, a Kadalys innovation

Origin of clean beauty

Natural cosmetics are on the rise. A resurgence of popularity that no one had counted on a few years ago. And yet! While the cosmetics market swore only by chemical and industrial products like sodium sulfate or polyethylene, the merits of which it regularly touted, it was overtaken by an unprecedented health scandal.

Since chemical often rhymes with toxic, experts and keen observers have revealed the consequences of such a procedure on your skin. Unwittingly, you may have unknowingly committed a crime against your skin.

Between the endocrine disruptors contained in hygiene products and the falsely natural ingredients that flood cream pots... Your skin has more than been mistreated in recent years. Add to this bleak record an increase in pollution and you get a resurgence of so-called sensitive skin . A phenomenon all the more accentuated by the use of stripping cosmetic products of dubious composition which promote allergies, acne and irritation.

The least we can say is that cosmetics have not always worked in your favor. Enough to create consumer distrust in brands. What if the secret to beautiful skin resided not in laboratory test tubes, but in plant-based settings and organic cultures?

This is the whole philosophy of clean beauty advocated by young shoots in the sector. In search of ingredients better tolerated by the skin in essential beauty products , it is on this new, pesticide-free soil that the new actors of change find themselves, like Kadalys which cultivates organic and natural cosmetics.

Why choose clean beauty?

Since millennials and committed consumers no longer hesitate to pull out their cell phones to check the reliability and traceability of products thanks to various applications such as Yuka or Inci Beauty, certain brands have already taken the step towards clean beauty . .

Indeed, organic certification is no longer enough to reassure and seduce beauty addicts who have perfectly understood that under certain labels hides a much less glamorous reality. Because you are never better served than by yourself, this green trend which is revolutionizing our beauty routines lays its cards on the table by being as transparent as its recycled material bottles!

From the formulation of products, to the choice of selected ingredients up to the manufacturing charter, particularly packaging ... Clean beauty leaves nothing to chance to offer the best of natural cosmetics to its consumers.

In a word, clean beauty means more transparency, more organic products, more vegan products not tested on animals, more recycling and more commitment to preserving the environment. A virtuous circle where ecology and beauty come together to enhance your skin without interfering with your endocrine system, putting an end to irritating, non-biodegradable, carcinogenic and allergenic substances, exploited for too long by the giants of the cosmetics industry.

Transparency on the components

Transparency: you will have understood, this is the motto of clean beauty which advocates a composition of products as clear as rock water. This cosmetic philosophy will make labels easier to read , to the delight of those who did not take the Latin option in high school.

Let it be said, the INCI list can be as complicated to decipher as a papyrus. Sulfates, benzophenones, sodium lauryl sulfate, phenoxyethanol... So many products from petrochemicals and which some pots of cream are full of, to the great displeasure of your skin.

These substances with barbaric names are those which have long posed a problem, I named preservatives. While they are essential for preserving your cosmetics, experts have shown that they are also harmful to your health. It's the snake that bites its own tail.

It's time to turn to clean beauty which guarantees you a healthy composition of your cosmetic products . No more long INCI lists and questionable preservatives, make way for innovative formulations that reconnect with natural beauty recipes . More precisely, it displays:

  • A limited ingredient list, no frills.
  • Organic or natural ingredients as an alternative to synthetic ingredients
  • Non-controversial ingredients, which automatically eliminate endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and allergens

Eco-responsible thinking

If clean beauty is not a label or a structured certification, it is a concept in its own right which determines the right beauty gestures to adopt to make our little guilty pleasure of cosmetics coexist with the environment. This committed trend, driven by new consumer applications, combines ethics and cosmetics, in the paradise of healthy and green beauty.

Among the fundamental values ​​that drive clean beauty , people and the environment are at the heart of this foundation. More and more brands have perfectly integrated these requirements into their charter, like Kadalys, which makes it a point of honor to promote the well-being and working conditions of its employees. A true philanthropist of the cosmetics market, she defends a fair and responsible vision , the keystone for designing beauty products that reflect her philosophy: sustainable, healthy and effective!

Clean beauty is also ecological values ​​which aim to preserve the planet by reducing its carbon footprint, favoring short circuits and respecting the environment as a whole. So many prerogatives to which Kadalys is subject, which strives to reduce its impact, from what makes up its pots of cream to its containers.

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