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Article: How do you know if a cosmetic product is clean?

Comment savoir si un produit cosmétique est clean ? - KADALYS

How do you know if a cosmetic product is clean?

Clean beauty , which could be translated as “clean beauty” , is a movement which aims to produce clean cosmetic products . This movement in the world of beauty affects various developed countries, but they do not all have the same definition of what a clean product is.

For example, in the United States, clean cosmetics are mainly because of their essentially natural composition. However, their environmental impact as well as animal testing are not taken into account.

Conversely, in France, clean beauty takes into account cosmetics in their entirety: composition, environmental impact and testing on animals.
These differences between countries, and sometimes within the same country, are due to the fact that there is no definition or charter that governs the principles of clean beauty!

One thing is certain, at Kadalys, our vision of beauty is indeed clean, as much by the cosmetic ingredients chosen as by the rest.

What do we mean by a clean cosmetic product?

By “clean” products, we mean treatments whose ingredients are predominantly natural, of natural origin or certified organic . In general, a clean cosmetic is a beauty product whose list is shorter than a conventional product: we only put in the treatment what is necessary for its effectiveness (beauty active ingredients chosen for what they provide to the skin ) and its sensoriality (natural perfume, etc.). In short, no superfluous components with clean beauty!

Clean products are also products that follow an ethical and eco-responsible approach. That is to say, they are produced with respect for people (fairly paid work), with respect for animals ( vegan cosmetics) and with respect for the planet (eco-designed packaging, biodegradable ingredients, etc. ).
This vision of clean beauty fits perfectly with our vision of beauty !

Tips for determining if a cosmetic product is clean

Now that you know all this, you must say to yourself “ok, but how do we determine if a skincare product is clean?”. Well, we explain to you the points on which you focus to be sure that the cosmetics you buy are clean:

Check product certification

Most of the time, clean beauty face , body and hair treatments carry various certifications. Écocert, One Voice, Cosmébio, Cosmos Natural, Cosmos Organic, Nature & Progrès, NaTrue, Cruelty Free & Vegan… There are many certifications and many labels that can help you move towards “cleaner” cosmetics.

Identify and understand the ingredients

It's not always easy to decipher the composition of our favorite treatments! However, taking an interest in ingredients is a good way to understand what you are applying to the skin and allows you to avoid controversial ingredients such as parabens, silicones, mineral oils and even sulfates.
Generally speaking, the shorter the list, the better and the earlier natural ingredients are listed in the INCI list, the more quantity they are present in the product.

Get help from specialized sites or applications

There are many applications and sites that decipher the composition of your cosmetic products for you! To find the one that suits you, look at their charter to understand what they tolerate or not from an ingredient point of view.

Make your purchase on trusted platforms

Finally, you can also buy your care from brands you trust. Find out about their vision of beauty, their internal charter, their environmental actions and those towards animal protection. The more easily you find this information on their site, the more transparent and honest you will be dealing with a brand!

A clean daily beauty routine is yours thanks to our expert advice!

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