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Huiles de Soins | KADALYS

Organic Face, Body and Hair Oils

Hydrating and nourishing your skin is an essential step in a beauty routine. Indeed, every day, the skin needs to be supported to accomplish the numerous missions assigned to it, such as protection againstexternal attacks, dehydration, skin aging or even pollution. In short, applying a treatment helps keep the skin healthy and gives you a fresh, luminous complexion! To properly hydrate and nourish the skin of the face and body, several choices are available to you. Among the best-known products, we find:creammoisturizer, balm, milk or even lotion. But did you know that it is also possible to take care of everyoneskin typeswith aorganic care oil? Based onvegetal oils, plant extracts andessential oils, treatment oils provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs! The ideal with these natural cosmetics is that they are also perfect for taking care of your hair (hydration,oil bath, etc.).

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An organic care oil, like a moisturizer, must be selected according to skin type. Combination to oily skin needs an oil that will moisturize the skin without clogging pores, and that will regulate sebum production and provide a matte effect. Vegetable oils for oily skin? Jojoba, hazelnut or grapeseed vegetable oils. Normal skin needs an oil that will maintain its balance while protecting it. Macadamia oil, pomegranate oil and argan oil are recommended for normal skin. Dry skin, on the other hand, needs an oil that will reinforce its hydrolipidic film. They therefore need vegetable oils such as avocado, wheat germ and olive. Finally, sensitive and reactive skin needs a treatment that will soothe, protect and help it to regenerate rapidly. We recommend calendula macerate or sweet almond vegetable oil. Since each of these oils provides different benefits, the ideal way to care for your skin in a complete and natural way is to opt for the use of several oils. However, mixing several products yourself can be quite tedious...

If so, why not opt for Kadalys skincare oils? Kadalys precious oils concentrate in a single bottle various ingredients of natural origin that care for different skin types! We recommend Precious Nutritive Oil for combination, oily and normal skin, Precious Radiance Oil for dry and normal skin, and Glow Booster Serum for all skin types with pigmentary irregularities! Kadalys skincare oils also make excellent hair oil baths.