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Article: Beard care: how to avoid after-shave pimples?

Soin de la barbe : comment éviter les boutons après-rasage ?

Beard care: how to avoid after-shave pimples?

To avoid razor burn, micro-cuts, aftershave irritation, and especially red or white pimples, here are our tips to keep skin healthy and impeccably shaved.

If the beard has been in fashion for a few years, shaving remains an essential part of the routine of many men. To the chagrin of their possibly sensitive skin which can sometimes disagree through redness, or even small white or red pimples. These irritations signal that something is not right for you: dull blades, unsuitable shaving foam, or even an overly aggressive aftershave. These small dots that appear on freshly shaved skin can be aggravated by the use of too much alcohol or perfume, which will irritate the skin even more. So here are our 5 tips for turning off razor burn if it's already too late, and most importantly, some great tips to prevent it from occurring the next time you shave.

1. How to soothe razor burn and get rid of aftershave

To stem aftershave, you can first soak a cotton ball in lotion, then pat it on the affected area. A rubbing action could irritate the skin even more. Kadalys BIO Clarifying Lotion contains arginine, a soothing active, and glycerin, a humectant, which will calm the skin. To extinguish the fire, you can then use Organic Soothing Radiance Jelly as an aftershave. This refreshing gel-cream combines the bio-active of green banana, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to boost skin hydration. Its light texture penetrates quickly, without leaving a greasy film. Soothed and refreshed, the skin will appear less red, and pimples due to irritation will immediately be less visible.

2. How to prevent the appearance of pimples and irritations due to shaving

But the ideal is to prevent the appearance of pimples with a routine that best prepares the skin for shaving. First and foremost, your razor. If your blades are too worn, they will pull on the bristles, causing irritation, and cut them poorly, resulting in the development of ingrown hairs. These unwanted substances grow under the skin, forming a bump like a pimple that is often painful. Even more so if you have curly or frizzy hairs: by nature, they grow in a very tight twist that are more likely to stay under the skin if they are poorly cut by a dull blade. Against this, you just need to regularly observe the condition of your blades to replace them at the first signs of wear. Usually, they occur after 3 or 4 shaves. Today, many razor brands offer a subscription service so you get replacement blades straight to your mailbox without having to think about it. Practice !

3. A routine adapted to your skin type to avoid pimples

In addition, certain types of skin are by nature more prone to pimples. If you have dry and / or sensitive skin, shaving can particularly irritate your skin, which will react with small red spots. If you have oily and / or acne-prone skin, shaving can lead to a set of micro-cuts, which bad bacteria can get lodged in. This results in the formation of small white-headed pimples. In both cases, it is therefore essential to adopt preparatory shaving care. And preparing your skin for shaving is also happening on days when you don’t plan to shave! Well maintained on a daily basis, your skin will be strengthened and therefore less subject to cuts and irritations.

So remember to wash your face morning and night every day with a gentle cleanser. Formulated without soap and enriched with lipids, Kadalys Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types. It frees the epidermis from impurities and excess sebum to leave you with a fresh, clean and purified complexion.

4. The Exfoliating Peel, the secret weapon against shaving pimples

Once or twice a week, you can also perform a scrub. By this action, you will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs since it will eliminate dead cells on the surface of the skin and promote its renewal. This will limit the risk of pimples and hairs growing under your skin. The Kadalys ORGANIC Exfoliating Peeling precisely combines hypoallergenic fruit acids with jojoba micro-beads for a double-exfoliating action that will soften and smooth the epidermis, very gently. Simply apply it evenly to cleansed and dried face, leave it on for 10 minutes if you have the chance, then massage it in in circular motions with your fingertips. To save your face and optimize your time, you can scrub the night before your shave, rather than just before. We know how many minutes gained in the bathroom in the morning can be invaluable! If you have acne-prone skin, you can also simply apply the exfoliating peel as a mask, without massaging, to purify without attacking the acne pimples already present.

5. The right actions to avoid after-shave irritation
On shaving days, after cleansing and before applying your shaving gel or foam, you can further protect your skin from pimples by massaging it with a few drops of the oil. A formula such as Organic Precious Nutritive Oil will form a protective film that will protect the epidermis from irritation, in addition to helping to soften the hairs. After massaging the oil for a few seconds on your face, you can then apply your shaving gel or foam, and proceed to shave. The ideal would be to let your foam act for the duration of a shower so that your hairs are as soft as possible. The passage of the blades will only be easier. Be sure to follow the direction of hair growth and limit the number of passes to limit irritation. Then rinse your face with cold water to tighten your pores and refresh yourself.
If you shave closely, a shot of tonic lotion followed by a small amount of moisturizer as an aftershave will rehydrate the skin and protect it from external aggressions, in addition to preventing the appearance of pimples. If you shave only the edges of your beard, you can kill two birds with one stone by applying a few drops of the oil all over your beard, intentionally running over your temples and cheekbones as an aftershave. The Organic Precious Nutritive Oil can also be used here: based on green banana oil and precious vegetable oils of green tea, jojoba and avocado, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, it will nourish, soften, and soften beard. You can also add a few drops before going to bed for an even softer beard every day.

You now have all the keys in hand to prevent the appearance of blackheads, ingrown hairs, and other unsightly buds after shaving!

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