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Article: Anti-aging: our 8 natural tips to reduce wrinkles

Anti-âge : nos 8 astuces naturelles pour atténuer les rides

Anti-aging: our 8 natural tips to reduce wrinkles

From the age of 20, our skin begins to lose its natural hydration and its production of antioxidants decreases. The loss of collagen and elasticity reduces the volume of the skin. The first fine lines and wrinkles appear. The 4 main factors responsible for skin aging? Dehydration, loss of cellular energy, decreased production of collagen and free radicals. If the aging of the skin is an integral part of life, we can nevertheless slow down its process by taking care of our skin on a daily basis.

To effectively reduce the appearance, the formation of established wrinkles and the lack of firmness, many solutions are available. However, they do not always follow the principles of naturalness and can be aggressive for the skin: injection of botulinum toxin, “conventional” anti-wrinkle cosmetic products that cause allergies for the skin… There are, however, simple, natural and equally effective solutions for preserve the youth of its skin. We will explain everything to you !


It's no secret that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will have a real impact on the quality of your skin in the long term, hence the importance of not neglecting our little tips!

1. Hydrate regularly:

Consider drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Choose non-carbonated, unsweetened water and drinks rich in antioxidants such as tea. Above all, do not neglect this step because dehydration accelerates the formation of wrinkles and water participates in the process of renewal of the cells of the epidermis.

2. Favor anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants and vitamin K:

-Scientific studies have shown the link between the inflammatory state of tissues (in response to disease, or to an unbalanced diet), cell degeneration and the increase in the number of free radicals. To reduce the risk of inflammation, avoid as much as possible processed industrial products high in sugar and

saturated fat. Reduce your consumption of red meat. Incorporate daily foods rich in omega 3 and 9 acting as natural anti-inflammatory drugs (bananas, young shoots, crustaceans, oilseeds), green tea and spices (turmeric, ginger).

-Also turn to fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E) which fight against free radicals, improve the texture of the skin and protect it from premature aging (bananas, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits).

-Finally, various studies have shown the role of vitamins K and E in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. You'll find it in oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, olives) and green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale).

3. Cut out tobacco and alcohol:

In addition to accelerating the aging of the skin, excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol makes the complexion more dull and cloudy. The skin will tend to produce more sebum, making it more oily. The abuse of tobacco and alcohol disrupts blood circulation, damages blood vessels, and damages the liver which contributes to the development of wrinkles. Finally, tobacco releases an enzyme that destroys collagen and elastin, two essential elements for maintaining skin firmness.

4. Reduce your stress by meditating and participating in regular physical activity:

The beneficial effects of meditation on reducing the stress involved in cellular aging has been demonstrated by numerous studies. As for the practice of a regular sporting activity, it is essential to strengthen the blood vessels, stimulate the microcirculation, tone the skin and eliminate toxins. Are you not a great sportswoman? According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Sports, you only need to practice at least 30 minutes of brisk walking per day, 5 times / week to stay in good health.

5. Get enough sleep:

Sleep, as we know, has a restorative effect on the body and the skin. Sleep debt is experienced as stress by the body which, in response, secretes the stress hormone cortisol. Its prolonged production over time and in too large a quantity is involved in the acceleration of cellular aging. Conversely, getting enough sleep allows the body to make more hGH, the natural growth hormone that strengthens the skin's elasticity.

6. Protect yourself from the sun:

Throughout the year, even when there is no sun, consider using a sunscreen with an SPF 50 to protect the skin from the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays, the leading cause of skin aging and appearance. wrinkles. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours minimum.


7. Prepare your skin to receive its organic anti-aging treatments:

To optimize the absorption of the active ingredients present in skin care creams, it is essential not to neglect the cleaning, exfoliation and purification steps of the skin. To learn more about the usefulness of each beauty step, read our article on Korean layering.

-Morning and evening, double cleanse the skin with a Cleansing Oil (oily phase) followed by a Facial Cleansing Gel (aqueous phase). Finish with a face lotion such as Kadalys Clarifying Lotion to restore the physiological pH of the skin, unbalanced with rinsing.

- Once a week, use a facial exfoliant that gently removes impurities and dead skin, refines the skin texture and stimulates cell renewal. Thanks to its double enzymatic (progressive release hypoallergenic fruit acid) and mechanical (jojoba beads) action, the Kadalys Exfoliating Peeling Mask gives your skin an immediate radiance boost.

- Once a week, use a purifying clay mask like our Purifying Creamy Mask to gently remove impurities and reduce the appearance of large pores.

8. Choose an organic anti-aging cream rich in antioxidants and smoothing ingredients:

Favor creams with a natural and organic composition which are both nourishing and highly concentrated in tensing and regenerating active ingredients.

- The MUSALIS anti-aging range (Organic Day Cream, Organic Night Cream and Serum) is suitable for the treatment of the first wrinkles and fine lines.

The formulas concentrated in extracts of plumping Green Banana, Ribose and Myrtle antioxidants, stimulate cell regeneration, smooth the texture of the skin and unify the complexion.

- The MUSALIFT anti-aging range (Organic Day Cream, Organic Night Cream and Serum) is aimed at mature skin and naturally treats established wrinkles.

Its anti-aging and tensor active ingredients stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduce the depth of wrinkles and fight pigment spots (Yellow Banana, Hyaluronic Acid, Alaria Esculenta, Argan Protein).

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