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Why is it important to sanetize properly your hands ?

Disinfecting your hands is the best way to avoid the spread of germs (viruses and bacteria) responsible for diseases such as the flu or gastro. Every day, our hands touch many surfaces on which other people have placed their hands: computers, handrails in transportation, cutlery in the cafeteria, door handles, etc. These surfaces contain a large number of bacteria that we can pick up and keep on us. Washing your hands regularly helps to get rid of germs. Disinfecting them with alcohol-based products kills them and limits their development. These are two similar actions, with different but complementary goals. When we know that we put our hands on our face about 3000 times a day, we understand the importance of washing and disinfecting them. These are the two actions that will allow you to stay out of epidemics!

How long can you keep a hydroalcoholic gel?

It all depends! If the bottle has not been opened yet, you can refer to the perishable date that is often written on the products. Once your product has been opened, refer to the small pictogram that indicates how long it can be kept after opening. Generally speaking, hydroalcoholic solutions should be used between 1 and 3 months after opening. Beyond these dates, the products are no longer as effective. Therefore, choose small bottles for yourself and a larger one for the office or the house!

How to choose your hydroalcoholic gel ?

Your hydroalcoholic gel must meet certain criteria:

  • contain between 60% and 70% alcohol. Several products have been withdrawn from the market for low alcohol concentration.
  • have few ingredients
  • contain a statement such as "Virucidal according to EN 14476" or "Hydroalcoholic solution recommended by the WHO for hand antisepsis"
  • without triclosan, a synthetic substance considered an endocrine disruptor and present in some bottles of hydroalcoholic gel.

Be sure to choose a product that contains one of these three types of alcohol:

  • ethyl alcohol, or ethanol
  • propyl alcohol, or propane-1-ol or n-propanol
  • isopropyl alcohol, or propane-2-ol or isopropanol.

It is important to use products that meet the standards set for optimal effectiveness.

The composition of the hydroalcoholic gel Kadalys

The effectiveness of our hydroalcoholic gel has been clinically proven:

  • virucide, it eliminates viruses
  • bactericide, it eliminates bacteria
  • fungicide, it eliminates fungi

Its alcohol content is 70% and we have used ethyl alcohol, so it meets the expectations of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. Its composition makes the disinfection of hands optimal and you can also disinfect surfaces or objects with it. Our hydroalcoholic gel has been formulated without parabens, preservatives and perfume! And since we know how dry your hands are after all the times you use soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel, we thought of you! To limit hand dryness, we added vegetable glycerin, repairing provitamin B5 and soothing aloe vera leaf juice to our formula.

Its large size is ideal for the whole family or the office! Remember to disinfect and wash your hands several times a day.

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