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Article: What are the different skin types? Find out how to know your skin type

Quels sont les différents types de peau ? Découvrez comment connaître son type de peau visage ? - KADALYS

What are the different skin types? Find out how to know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is essential to set up a beauty routine adapted to your needs. The problem is that between the 4 different skin types and the many skin conditions that exist, it is not always easy to decide... So, how do you know your skin type?

A simple solution: make a free online diagnosis at home. The skin diagnosis is based on different parameters including skin characteristics and concerns. The goal is to help you determine if you have normal, dry, combination or oily skin in order to guide you towards the right skin care products.

In this article, we will help you understand the different skin types and give you some examples of skin care products to use depending on your skin type.

What is a skin type ?

Skin type is determined even before birth since it is a genetic inheritance! In other words, if your parents have dry skin, you are very likely to have dry skin.

Knowing your skin type is important to use the right skin care products, but also to know how to take care of your face (gestures, diet, lifestyle, etc.). Your skin type will help you determine whether your skin needs help to defend itself against external aggressions or to stay hydrated.

The different types of skin

There are 4 different skin types: normal skin, dry skin, combination skin and oily skin. Each of these skin types has different characteristics:

Normal skin

Normal skin is the type of skin that everyone dreams of having: neither too dry nor too oily, rather soft and smooth to the touch, without imperfections and with an even complexion.

Oily skin

Oily skin is characterized by a shiny complexion that tends to shine (especially at the end of the day) and by a thick skin texture. Oily areas are mainly located on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and the pores of the face are often dilated. Oily skin also has more imperfections than others.

Combination skin

Combination skin is a special type of skin because it mixes normal skin or dry skin with oily skin! In general, the T-zone is oily (enlarged pores, shiny complexion and imperfections) and the rest of the face can be dry or normal.

Dry skin

Dry skin is skin that does not produce enough fatty acids (sebum). As a result, the skin is uncomfortable, tight, itchy, may peel in certain areas, or may be irritated or red. Dullness, tiredness and sensitivity are also common.

In addition to these skin types, there are skin conditions: mature skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and tired skin. Each skin type can cope with different skin conditions!

How to know your skin type?

There are two very simple ways to know your skin type: observe your skin naturally and take the handkerchief test! We explain everything just below:

By observation

The idea with this method is to observe your skin naturally. To do this, simply clean and remove makeup from your skin before gently drying it, then observe it in the light of day with a magnifying mirror. From there, you'll be able to ask yourself various questions: Is my skin shiny? Are my pores visible? Is my skin rough or does it look irritated?

All these questions will help you define your skin type!

By the handkerchief test

To perform this test, clean your skin. Then, place a handkerchief over your entire face (without having applied any cream) and gently tap it.

  • If the tissue has no trace of oil, you have normal to dry skin.
  • If the tissue is oily in the T-zone, you have combination skin.
  • If the tissue is completely oily, you have oily skin.

Which skin care product for which skin type?

Now that you know your skin type, you can build an adapted beauty routine! No matter what type of skin you have, we recommend that you use organic and natural skin care products. These products are more compatible with your skin structure!

Normal skin doesn't need much: a good cleansing once a day, an eye contour and a classic moisturizer.

Oily skin needs to be cleansed every night with a double cleansing: makeup remover oil and purifying cleanser. To moisturize oily skin, prefer light, fluid textures and mattifying creams. For imperfections, think about applying targeted purifying treatments!
Combination skin is a delicate skin... It must also be cleansed every day with an adapted product. If your face is dry outside the T-zone, choose dry skin care. If it is normal, choose normal skin care products. For the T-zone, apply a targeted oily skin care product!

Dry skin must be treated with great gentleness: moisturizing and gentle cleansers, nourishing creams, eye contour and skin care products for lack of radiance and uniformity of the complexion will be its daily allies!

Now it's up to you: do your free home skin diagnosis and build a natural beauty routine to suit you!

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