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Article: How to take care of your skin with natural products?

Comment prendre soin de sa peau avec des produits naturels ? - KADALYS

How to take care of your skin with natural products?

Every day, the skin is subjected to numerous aggressions. First of all, there are external aggressions such as wind, cold, sun, pollution, make-up, but also perspiration. These various elements tend, at the end of the day, to suffocate and leave the skin in a state of stress. Then, there are also internal aggressions such as a bad diet, a too low water intake and no sports activity (sports allow the elimination of toxins via perspiration!). These internal elements have as much influence on the skin as the external elements mentioned above. In fact, they also influence the skin's condition and can make it dull, dehydrated and more sensitive.

To overcome these different types of aggressions, it is essential to take things in hand by establishing a beauty routine adapted and composed of natural products. In this article, we explain how to take care of your skin with natural products in 4 steps!

4 tips to take care of your skin naturally

Taking care of your skin naturally is not really different from taking care of your skin in a more traditional way. Indeed, the gestures and steps remain the same! However, the big change is the type of products used.

In the natural version, a beauty routine is composed of organic cosmetic products. Formulated with natural, organic and natural ingredients, such as essential oils or vegetable oils, organic cosmetics are more compatible with the structure of the skin, therefore more respectful! Better assimilated by the epidermis, this type of cosmetics also provides a real solution to skin problems such as dehydration, excess sebum, skin aging or acne.

Organic cosmetics are therefore the perfect products to deeply moisturize the skin, eliminate dead skin naturally, boost cell renewal and regain a beautiful skin.

Now that the choice of products has been made, let's move on to the steps for taking care of your skin naturally!

Cleanse your skin and remove your makeup every night

First step and not the least: remove makeup and clean your skin every night when you get home! As explained above, the skin is subject to various external aggressions every day. At the end of the day, it is stressed, suffocated by makeup and perspiration and covered with dirt, impurities and pollution. In short, it needs our help to get rid of all these intruders, and for that, what could be better than a good makeup remover and cleanser?

To properly remove makeup and cleanse your skin every night, we recommend two products: an organic makeup removal oil and a gentle cleanser. Of course, these two products must be adapted to your skin type to have a real effect. Then, you just have to follow these two steps:

Take a dab of makeup remover oil (or other product you're used to using) and make circular motions on your skin to remove all impurities.

Before rinsing off your makeup remover, take a dab of cleanser and apply it to your skin.

Then rinse it off with clean water and move on to the next step, which is moisturizing!

This first step is the basis of the Japanese layering, a beauty routine that is built around 7 to 10 steps and guarantees healthy skin.

Moisturize and nourish

Once the skin is clean, it's time to move on to moisturizing and nourishing! As a reminder, the skin is made up of 3 layers: hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. On the most exposed layer, the one we see with the naked eye, we find our skin barrier. This barrier serves as protection and allows us to keep our skin hydrated and healthy! It is composed of a hydrolipidic film and fatty substances. These two components are essential to its function as a skin barrier and if one of them is "understaffed" (lack of water or lack of fat), it can stop working properly! It is therefore essential to moisturize and nourish your skin to allow your skin barrier to perform its protective role.

For the hydrating product, you can leave on a hydrating cream, a fluid or an oil. The choice of product will depend on the type of skin and its needs! For your information, dry skin prefers rich and creamy textures that nourish, normal skin can be satisfied with all textures and oily skin is better off with fluid and light textures.

Beyond keeping the skin healthy, the day or night cream helps to keep the skin comfortable and elastic!

Protecting your skin

One of the aggressions that our skin experiences every day, whether in winter or summer, is the sun's rays! Although they are more dangerous in summer, we must not forget that they pass through the ozone layer all year long. So yes, the sun has beneficial sides for the morale and for the skin, but it can also cause some worries: sunburn, oxidative stress, acceleration of cell aging, thickening of the skin ... To learn more about the effects of the sun on the skin of the face, head to our article on the subject!
To protect your skin from the sun, it is important to apply a moisturizer with an SPF (sun protection factor) every day, or a sun cream in addition to your moisturizer. One thing is sure, even if you wear a sun protection, you will be able to tan and have a nice tanned complexion all year long!

Scrubs and masks

The last essential step to take care of your skin with natural products: scrubs and masks!
Scrubs should be done once or twice a week to eliminate dead skin and impurities, smooth the skin texture and give it back its radiance by boosting cell renewal. For a natural scrub, choose products with fine grains such as crushed oilseed or fruit shells.
The mask should also be applied once or twice a week, ideally after the scrub! Exfoliation prepares the skin for a specific treatment. After rinsing your scrub, apply a generous layer of a mask containing a vegetable oil, shea butter, an essential oil, aloe vera or hyaluronic acid. The trick is to find a mask that meets your skin's needs to keep it healthy and beautiful!

You now know how to take care of your skin with natural products thanks to 4 steps: remove makeup and clean, moisturize and nourish, protect and finally, exfoliate and heal!

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