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Article: How to choose the best organic face cream for your skin?

Comment choisir la meilleure crème visage bio pour votre peau ? - KADALYS

How to choose the best organic face cream for your skin?

The organic market has been expanding rapidly for the past few years and this is good for our skin. Indeed, organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics are more adapted to the needs of the skin of the face and body, which means that they are also more effective! But, when you know nothing about organic cosmetics, how do you choose the best organic face cream for your skin?

In this article, discover the differences between organic and conventional creams and learn how to choose the right organic moisturizer for your skin type!

What do we mean by organic face cream? 🌿

When we talk to you about organic face moisturizer, we are simply talking about an organic moisturizer intended to be used on the facial skin. Besides, do you know the purpose of a moisturizer for the face?

This type of care, whether organic or not, aims to moisturize the skin, but also to protect it. We explain you!

The moisturizing cream has indeed several roles for the skin: it hydrates and protects it. As you probably know, the skin of the face is composed of three layers: hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. The hypodermis is the deepest part of the skin, the dermis is the middle layer and the epidermis is the superficial layer, the one you can see with the naked eye.

This last layer of the skin is also called the skin barrier, its role is to protect the skin from external aggressions and to limit its water loss! In addition to this skin barrier, the skin also has a hydrolipidic film. Composed of an aqueous phase (water) and an oily phase (sebum), its role is to protect the skin from bacteria and fungi, while keeping it supple.

Moisturizers are therefore essential for all skin types as they keep them healthy by helping them stay hydrated and protected from external aggressions.

As for the organic side, we mean a beauty product whose ingredients are mostly natural and, if possible, certified organic.

Differences between organic cream and classic cream

There are two types of products on the market: organic beauty products and classic beauty products. What are the differences between these two beauty products?

A classic cream, also called "conventional cream", is a cream whose ingredients are sometimes far from being natural and even more from being organic. For example, to moisturize the skin, a conventional cream will use water or glycerin derived from petrochemicals (in other words, oil).

To nourish the skin, the classic cream will use fats such as vegetable oils, mineral oils (petroleum) or silicones. As for the rest of the formula, we find mainly sulfates, phthalates, perfumes and synthetic dyes and some ingredients of natural origin. The problem with this type of moisturizer? They do not meet the needs of the skin, tend to clog or dry it, are potentially dangerous to health (endocrine disruptors) and are quite polluting ...

On the other side of the ring, we find the organic cream. This organic face care is a product whose ingredients are of natural origin (on average more than 95% of the formula). In addition to being natural, some of the ingredients are certified organic (10% minimum of the total ingredients for a rinsed product and 20% minimum for a non-rinsed product).

This means that for the aqueous phase of organic moisturizers, we find water, vegetable glycerin or floral waters. For the fatty phase, they are this time vegetable oils and vegetable butters.

As for the rest, we find active plant ingredients, selected preservatives and natural fragrances. This natural and organic composition makes this type of care particularly adapted to the structure of the skin.

Why use a certified organic face cream ? ✨

In addition to taking advantage of a care product whose ingredients are natural, organic and compatible with the structure of your skin, the organic face cream has other advantages:

  • it is more effective
  • it is less allergenic
  • it is full of nutritional benefits for the skin: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.
  • it preserves the environment by being less polluting: no pesticides, GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, etc.
  • it is often part of a more responsible approach to manufacturing (green chemistry)
  • it is often packaged in eco-designed materials (recyclable, biodegradable, compostable)
  • it is, most of the time, cruelty-free (cruelty-free and vegan)

To sum up, choosing an organic moisturizer for your face is the best choice you can make, both from a skin and environmental point of view!

Which cream for which use? ✨

As you may have noticed, store shelves often carry two kinds of skin moisturizers: day cream and night cream. What is the difference between the two?

Organic day cream

The organic day cream is a cream that moisturizes the skin all day long, protects it from discomfort (tightness, tingling, redness), beautifies it (beautiful complexion, supple skin) and makes makeup easier to apply!

Depending on your skin's needs, the day cream can also matify, nourish, be anti-aging, smoothing, etc.

Organic night cream

Applied after the evening beauty routine, the night cream is a cream with a richer texture than the day cream. This cream is designed to deeply nourish, repair and regenerate the skin thanks to powerful active ingredients!

The use of a night cream is not mandatory, but you should know that depending on your needs, it can be a great asset! Indeed, the skin is very receptive at night, so the active ingredients have a greater impact on skin problems

Which Kadalys organic face cream should I use in my beauty routine, depending on my skin type?

At Kadalys, we have been offering organic and eco-responsible cosmetics since 2012. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients, natural ingredients and organic ingredients, our organic face products are perfect for a natural beauty routine!

Below, discover which Kadalys organic face cream to use according to your skin type.

Combination and sensitive skin cream

Combination skin is skin that is half oily and half dry or half normal. In general, oily skin is found on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and the rest of the face can be dry or normal. As for sensitive skin (a well-known skin condition), it is reactive and often prone to redness. In other words, you can have combination and sensitive skin!

If this is your case, our organic face cream for sensitive skin should satisfy you. Composed of aloe vera, green banana bio-active (moisturizes and keeps the skin supple) and hyaluronic acid, it rebalances the skin barrier, soothes sensitivities and moisturizes the skin for 24 hours. Its small +? Its ultra fresh jelly texture!

Dry skin cream

Dry skin is skin that lacks moisture and oil. Dry skin is often sensitive, irritated, flaky and prone to redness. They need a face cream that will restore the skin's natural hydration and protect it as it should be!

For that, our Hydramuse organic moisturizing face cream is ideal. Formulated with mango butter, hyaluronic acid, sunflower oil and yellow banana bio-active (rich in fatty acids), it restores skin's moisture and nutrition, while protecting it!

Oily skin cream, with imperfections

Oily skin is skin whose pores are visible to the naked eye and whose sebum production is very important. This type of skin is often shiny and prone to imperfections. To moisturize oily skin, you should use light textures, such as gels, and sebum-regulating and matifying active ingredients.

If you have oily skin, our Hydramuse Radiance Gel is for you! Composed of lemon water, avocado oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera, it regulates sebum production while moisturizing the skin properly. Result: the skin is matified, less oily and pimples are rarer!

Mature skin cream, organic anti-aging

Mature skin is skin that is not very toned, not very elastic and not very plump, with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Mature skin needs a lifting and energizing treatment that fights against the visible signs of aging!

If this is your case, our organic anti-aging lifting day cream is for you. Enriched with argan oil, magnesium PCA (reduces the signs of aging) and yellow banana bio-active, this cream has an immediate tightening effect and visibly reduces the signs of aging.

Organic face cream, first wrinkles

There always comes a time when you need a moisturizing face cream that fights against the first signs of aging. Generally, it is recommended to use this kind of cream from the age of 25 or even 20!

If you are looking for a moisturizing face cream with smoothing ingredients, we recommend our First Wrinkles Smoothing Day Cream. Composed of hyaluronic acid, myrtle (fights cell aging), ribose (preserves the skin's energy) and green banana bio-active, it has a smoothing and plumping action on the skin.

Dull skin cream

No matter what your skin type, you can have a dull complexion from time to time! To combat that tired, gray complexion, we recommend our Pink Oil Radiance Booster Serum. In addition to moisturizing the skin, this organic serum revives the radiance of the complexion and evens it out. With it, a healthy glow is guaranteed!

Now you know which organic face cream is best for your skin type!

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