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Article: Chapped lips: what to do? Our tips for soft, smooth lips this winter

Lèvres gercées : que faire ? Nos astuces pour avoir des lèvres douces et lisses cet hiver

Chapped lips: what to do? Our tips for soft, smooth lips this winter

The season of chapped lips is here… Winter puts our skin and lip capital to the test. It dissipates the healthy glow that we assiduously maintained during the summer, dries out the epidermis and above all... takes its toll on our lips, which are visibly less moisturized and smoother. Free me from this hell! But there are natural remedies from organic cosmetics that will perfectly care for our lips until spring returns. Among the essential beauty products that will help us to face the winter temperatures, the lip balm is at the top of the list and is permanently at the bottom of our bags for a good cause. And since we all dream of having a luscious, soft mouth every season, a special lips express routine is part of our ritual thanks to a few unstoppable tips to repair, nourish and moisturize lips . How to stop chapped lips? Why use a natural lip balm? Focus on the star of lip care made in Kadalys, the must have of organic beauty products!

Why do we have chapped lips in winter?

Winter often rhymes with terror for our skin and more particularly for our lips! Indeed, it will not have escaped you that these last ones are badly treated at this period of the year. Dry lips, burning sensations, rough touch... You have all the symptoms of chapped lips, I named the plague of the winter which rages from the first cold wave and lasts until the arrival of the beautiful days. It stings both literally and figuratively! So why are our lips so sensitive at this time of year?
Like most of us, our lips tend to want to boycott the cold weather in order to thrive. Indeed, the change of climate and the lower temperatures favor dry lips or even cracked ones. The drier cold air of winter dries out the upper layer of the skin, which results in damage to the lips, which are particularly fragile. The result? They peel and chill. In addition, the use of whitening toothpastes and certain lipsticks can dehydrate your lips even more! It's time to act and call the superhero of lips in distress, the avenger of lip cosmetics, the the lip balm to the rescue. But before you reach for the tube, a few natural lip care remedies are in order.

The lip scrub, the infallible tip for smooth lips

Brushing, massaging, exfoliating... This is the beauty secret for smooth and moisturized lips! Did you know that? Brushing your lips daily helps reactivate blood circulation and eliminate dead cells. Using a toothbrush, brush your lips every morning for 1 to 2 minutes. You will immediately feel the softness of the massage. To complete this special lip beauty routine, we finish with a lip scrub.

Why exfoliate your lips?

We can't say it enough, regular exfoliation is a reflex to adopt in a ritual worthy of the name. Its objective? Eliminate dead skin before moving on to the crucial step of moisturizing and stimulating cell renewal. Lips are instantly plumped up with a better defined contour. As a bonus, this action releases its anti-aging power. For makeup addicts, exfoliating lips makes it easier to apply lipstick that will last longer.

Which lip scrub to choose?

Whether it's in a stick, jar, edible or homemade... it doesn't matter as long as they are natural and especially adapted to the sensitivity of the lips. As you can see, your favorite body scrub cannot be used for this purpose, as it may damage the fine skin of your lips with grains that are too large and too aggressive. Instead, use a gentle lip scrub made with micro-crystals of sugar or other exfoliating ingredients. Our beauty tips? Opt for a lip balm concentrated in vegetable oils known for their moisturizing power. It's definitely the ideal natural alternative to protect lips from the winter chill thanks to their amazing nourishing and healing properties. Glossy!

How to exfoliate your lips?

As with the face, lip scrubbing is a matter of moderation. There's no need to overdo it; one session a week is enough to keep your lips silky smooth and healthy. There's nothing like a natural handmade lip scrub. For this delicious recipe, mix a spoonful of sugar with a spoonful of honey. Apply your mixture to your lips and use circular motions before rinsing with warm water. Say goodbye to the feeling of roughness and leave your lips soft and smooth, a real delight!

Moisturize and repair your lips with a lip balm

Whatever the season, we never skimp on moisturizing! In winter, this step is more essential than ever if you want to keep your lips hydrated and velvety. But how to moisturize your lips naturally? The lip balm appears as the miracle solution, to make the skin to the chapped lips of a blow of magic wand or rather in some movements of stick!

How to choose your organic and natural lip balm?

In winter, we all tend to pull out our lip balm faster than our shadow. It's the number one beauty reflex that we do mechanically at the slightest inconvenience. So we might as well choose the right product to moisturize our lips without attacking them. Like facial care, the choice of nourishing and moisturizing lip balm should not be taken lightly. But between the lip balm surgras and the 100% organic, my heart balances: what to choose?

Before shopping for the perfect lip balm it's best to carefully examine the composition of your lip care product. Let's not forget that our mouth is indirectly linked to our intestines. Since we are never safe from ingesting a little product, it is advisable to be particularly vigilant on its formulation. In addition to the quality, it will give precious clues on its effectiveness. A good moisturizing lip balm is distinguished above all by its concentration of moisturizing agents such as shea butter or jojoba oil, which nourish deeply. To fight against chapped lips it must also contain a repairing agent.

Organic vegetable oil-based ingredients: the good stuff

In the family of moisturizing beauty secrets, I would like to mention vegetable oils! If these precious essences have already proven their worth in our skin care routine, they are also likely to win us over to repair and moisturize dry lips. What oils should be used in lip balms?

  • Jojoba oil: among the multi-functional vegetable oils, this one is particularly renowned for its nourishing virtues. An elixir of hydration par excellence, it is ideal for treating chapped lips. Its healing power makes it the queen of lip care. Castor oil: the benefits of this vegetable oil are countless. What is less known is its ability to help chapped lips. Its high omega 3 content reinforces its regenerative properties for damaged skin. It ensures comfort and intense hydration to your lips throughout the day.

    Kadalys lip balm: my ally for nourished and repaired lips

    Give me the recipe!

    You may have found the perfect moisturizing and nourishing lip balm. For chapped, cracked and dry lips, the lip balm made in Kadalys is a massive seduction weapon for your lip capital. A real concentrate of vegetable oils and waxes, this organic and natural lip care product provides nutrition and immediate comfort. Thanks to an ultra-clean formulation and ingredients meticulously selected for their active properties, it intensely nourishes and strengthens the lips and their contours, repairs chapped lips and dry patches and protects against external aggressions. The result? Your lips are visibly softer, suppler and plumper. As for application, nothing could be easier. You can use it as you wish at any time of the day if you feel the slightest discomfort. This organic care product can also be used as a make-up base and promote a better diffusion of pigments for a unified color. Applied after lipstick, it revives the color and gives lips a glossy and plumped up look!

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