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Article: How to moisturize your skin in winter?

Comment hydrater sa peau en hiver ?

How to moisturize your skin in winter?

Winter is coming and with it comes temperature changes, icy wind and cold. This change of season is neither harmless for the morale, nor for the skin! Indeed, in winter, the skin tends to be drier, tighter and more sensitive, because the cold and the radical changes in temperature attack its protective barrier. Moreover, don't feel more protected if you have oily skin, since dehydration affects all skin types. To limit the damage and keep your skin beautiful, simply implement a beauty routine adapted to winter. Scrubs, moisturizers, vegetable oils, nothing is too much to moisturize the skin in depth! In this article, we explain how to properly moisturize the skin in winter, which moisturizers to choose in winter and which beauty routine to adopt.

How to properly moisturize the skin on your face

How to properly moisturize your skin in winter involves several steps:

Prepare your skin

First step for a good hydration, prepare your skin. For that, we advise you to always take the time to remove your makeup at night. For optimal makeup removal, opt for double cleansing: a vegetable oil to dissolve impurities and a gentle cleanser to make your skin look new. Once your skin is clean, follow with a gentle facial scrub. The scrub, to be done once or twice a week, is perfect to prepare the skin to receive a moisturizer! On top of that, it will remove dead skin cells, activate blood circulation and cell renewal.

Restore the hydrolipidic film

Winter tends to aggress the skin and destabilize its hydrolipidic film. Yet, this film is essential to good health, but also to its protection. Composed of water and sebum, it keeps the skin healthy and hydrated. To support it during the long winter months, you can use vegetable oils on a daily basis. Plant oils are great for providing moisture and nutrition, everything the skin needs to stay afloat!

Apply products

Once you've found the products that will make your skin glow, all you have to do is apply them in the right order. First, perform your gentle scrub on clean skin, preferably at night. Once you've rinsed off the scrub, you'll quickly notice how clean and soft your skin is! Now it's time to move on to moisturizing. For the night, if you have dry skin, you can apply a rich, creamy oil or balm. It all depends on your skin type and needs! During the day, choose a moisturizing cream that will preserve the hydrolipidic film and prevent the skin from drying out. Concentrate on creams that contain an aqueous phase (aloe vera, glycerin, hyaluronic acid) and an oily phase (vegetable oil, vegetable butter). Once or twice a week, in the evening after your scrub, you can also apply a treatment mask that will boost the skin's hydration. Moreover, if you have dry skin under the eyes, there are thirst-quenching masks specially designed for this sensitive area!

How to properly moisturize your body skin

For the skin of the body, it is the same as for the skin of the face, you must implement a moisturizing routine specifically designed for winter:

Prepare your skin

To prepare the skin on the body to receive good hydration, you can do one to two scrubs per week. The body scrub can have thicker grains than the face scrub, because the skin on the body is less exposed to the cold, so it is less sensitized. To keep the scrub enjoyable, choose one with gentle exfoliating agents such as sugar or crushed fruit stones. As for the facial skin, the body scrub will eliminate dead cells, activate blood circulation and prepare the skin to receive a good hydration.

Restore the hydrolipidic film

The skin of the body also has a hydrolipidic film and a skin barrier. To keep your body and hands moisturized, it is essential to start by restoring the skin's protective film. What better way to do this than with natural oils? Moisturizing, nourishing and full of benefits for the skin, they will stop dehydration and give the body suppleness and comfort.

Applying the products

Of course, these products are not to be applied randomly! The body scrub should be done on clean skin, morning or evening, once or twice a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Once the scrub is done, you can move on to moisturizing! If you have very dry skin, opt for a moisturizing balm. The texture of the balm is often thicker than a cream and requires a longer massage to penetrate. Ideal for deeply moisturizing the skin! If your skin does not suffer more than that from the cold, a moisturizing milk can do the trick. Choose it organic and natural for a better assimilation of benefits!

How to choose your moisturizing product

If you want to moisturize your skin the right way, head to natural products! Composed of ingredients of natural origin, such as oils, butters, vegetable glycerin or even aloe vera, these care products are more adapted to the skin structure. With them, you benefit from a real good hydration and not a superfluous hydration as with conventional care! In terms of texture, the skin loves richer products in winter. Balm, milk, cream, indulge yourself according to the textures you like.

Tips for having a well-moisturized beauty

Beyond external hydration (via cosmetics), the skin must also be hydrated from within. So don't forget to drink at least 1.5L of water a day. Yes, even in winter! To complement the action of water, remember to prepare meals composed of foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. Raclettes and tartiflettes are okay, but not every day! Finally, limit hot baths (even if after a long day outside, it is understandable that it is expected) and consider supplementing with food supplements, if necessary.

All year round, the skin needs to be hydrated to stay protected from external aggressions. In winter, this hydration is even more important, because the cold affects the skin's protective barrier. Scrubs, creams, oils, moisturizing and nutrition, think about stocking up on good stuff to keep your skin healthy, even in winter!

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