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Article: The best anti-aging vegetable oils to moisturize the face

Les meilleures huiles végétales anti-âge pour hydrater le visage

The best anti-aging vegetable oils to moisturize the face

To hydrate your skin, nothing is too good. And for good reason ! It's the infallible secret to sporting flawless, plump skin. Guarantor of your skin youth, we do not skimp on means. Some are even ready to make any sacrifices, even if it means giving in to the glitter of botox for a more than approximate result... And if the best anti-aging recipe was not between the faces of the greatest cosmetic surgeons, but indeed between the hands of Mother Nature?

Rejuvenating without a scalpel is possible: say hello to vegetable oils ! To maintain smooth skin that lasts over time and defies the passing years, organic and natural cosmetics are not left out. In vegetated settings, she cultivates and develops little gems, capable of slowing down the skin aging process with just a few drops.

Attention mature skin lacking radiance, dry devitalized skin or damaged oily skin , it is high time to pamper it by boosting its hydration level. Remember that this step is essential to stimulate cell regeneration as well as collagen synthesis.

What about anti-aging vegetable oils to moisturize the skin? If you can't play the pool table, a booster shot is in order!


  1. How to choose your anti-aging vegetable oil for the face?
  2. Which anti-aging organic oil to choose, depending on your skin type?
  3. Oil or serum to moisturize your skin?
  4. The benefits of precious banana oil, a Kadalys innovation

How to choose your anti-aging vegetable oil for the face?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. This guideline also applies to cosmetics. To maintain smooth and plump skin, it is better to rely on anti-aging products , from the age of 25!

It is time to definitively sweep away the preconceptions and prejudices surrounding these beauty items, which are not only reserved for mature skin! Starting with anti-aging vegetable oils which have multiple actions in favor of hydration .

Which anti-aging organic oil to choose, depending on your skin type?

For each skin type, its favorite vegetable oil ! Moisturizing your skin is good, as long as you use THE right vegetable oil that will stick to your skin, literally and figuratively. To boost the hydration of your skin, it's not enough to grab the first pot of cream that comes to hand.

Like your beauty routine, the choice of anti-aging vegetable oil is not a game of chance, but rather a thoughtful choice based on your skin type . Each vegetable oil corresponds to a skin type, just like your serum or your day cream . It's all a question of targeting and skin diagnosis. Focus on these anti-aging vegetable oils to adopt urgently!

Oil for normal skin

Holy Grail of skin, normal skin is envied and coveted by beauty addicts. Like a pearl in an oyster or an oasis in the desert, this type of skin makes people envious. And for good reason ! It is spared from feelings of discomfort, reacts little or nothing to internal and external aggressions and has the advantage, not least, of regulating itself. Recognizable among thousands, it is neither dry nor shiny, both smooth and regular...

In short, it is perfect, or almost! Even if it does not give you a hard time, it should not be neglected and must be the subject of a daily care routine if you want to maintain this sparkling complexion. Especially since normal skin is not exempt from the passage of time and the signs of aging like the wrinkles and fine lines that appear at the slightest break. The good news is that it works well with all vegetable oils to slow down the skin aging process... Enough to make the ritual of pot of cream easier for novices!

  • Apricot kernel oil: undoubtedly the gentlest and most versatile of vegetable oils . Very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids, it softens and tones the skin to effectively fight against skin aging . Emollient, it nourishes and softens your epidermis to restore its softness. Real peach skin!
  • Hazelnut oil: anti-aging par excellence, this prodigious oil is particularly popular in anti-wrinkle products. Its asset? It is able to slow down the skin aging process by neutralizing free radicals, which consequently reduces the appearance of wrinkles . Its moisturizing power boosts the elasticity of the skin, making it more beautiful and plumped than ever!

Oil for dry skin

Winter and its freezing temperatures are on our heels, and more particularly those of dry skin who must redouble their efforts to maintain their hydration levels. Unsurprisingly, this skin type is on the front line of dry skin. Because they often lack comfort and suppleness, dry and malnourished skin has every interest in integrating vegetable oils into their beauty routine. But not just any ones please! We opt for:

  • Muscat rose oil: or how to combine business with pleasure. Rich in essential fatty acids, it provides all the nutrients the skin needs to be deeply nourished. Regenerating, it soothes dry and sensitive skin in the blink of an eye. As a bonus, it is renowned for its excellent regenerative and anti-aging action. Result ? Your skin is visibly more supple and toned!
  • Plum oil: as appetizing as it is nourishing, your skin will make short work of this ultra-delicious oil. Ultra nourishing and softening, it acts against skin dryness. Its antioxidant power gives it tremendous anti-aging power to eliminate signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and small unsightly fine lines.

Oil for oily and combination skin

If oily skin often relies on astringent anti-blemish products to strip the skin, they often overlook the importance of good hydration to solve their little problems. However, this step is essential and will, among other things, regulate the production of sebum, responsible for imperfections.

Too rich a treatment, too strong a scrub… Hello damage. There are natural solutions that are more respectful of this type of skin, however recalcitrant it may be. You still need to know how to choose your vegetable oil and not fall into the trap of so-called comedogenic oils which will make you bud even more. We recommend:
  • Jojoba oil: before gently moisturizing, rebalancing the pH of your oily skin can be a good idea. For this, nothing better than jojoba vegetable oil, champion in this field. Non-comedogenic, it will not clog pores. Particularly recommended for restoring tone to oily skin , it is an excellent natural anti-aging agent which firms and helps the skin to regenerate. Nourished, hydrated, toned, the skin regains all its radiance!

Oil for mature skin

If there is one skin type that should rely on anti-aging vegetable oils to maximize skin hydration , it is mature skin . The signs of old age, sometimes early, lie in wait for us and can give us some serious complexes. A stage of life can be read on our face like the nose in the middle of the face... Arriving at this stage, the facial skin loses firmness, elasticity and hydration.

The collagen naturally present in our epidermis leaves the ship and promotes the appearance of wrinkles . Never mind, certain vegetable oils will prolong our skin's youthfulness thanks to appropriate care. To do this, we invite you to test:
  • Prickly pear seed oil: THE elixir of youth. Still too often unknown to the general public, this anti-aging vegetable oil is nevertheless the best natural alternative for hydrating the skin while restoring suppleness and elasticity. As precious as it is effective, the Rolls-Royce of oils has been in the routines of beauty queens for many years. And for good reason ! Applied to the skin, it offers a tightening effect coupled with protection against free radicals which helps to erase wrinkles , prevent their appearance and fight against sagging of the skin. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

Oil or serum to moisturize your skin?

This is the eternal question that all beauty addicts ask themselves. It's time to answer them once and for all in the name of your youth and skin capital! If for some these two products are already on the bathroom shelf, others wonder about their usefulness. Oil and serum are not incompatible, quite the contrary.

Since the trend is the mille-feuille routine which invites us to layer several products one after the other in a precise order to increase their effects tenfold and treat our different skin problems, the use of these two products is therefore not superfluous, although on the contrary.

After applying your favorite oil, we highly recommend adopting a serum to perfect your skin. A true concentrate of active ingredients and vitamins, it will boost your skin by meeting a particular need. Hydration booster or anti-aging , the choice is yours!

    The benefits of precious banana oil, a Kadalys innovation

    What if the fulfillment of your skin was… in banana plantations? As tasty as it is effective, the green banana nourishes our stomachs and fine palates as much as it nourishes recalcitrant skin. This is why Kadalys cultivates it in its precious organic nutritious oil.

    On the menu for this skin tasting? Green banana bio-actives combined with green tea oil and avocado oil. A vitamin cocktail that provides your skin with nutrition, suppleness and protection. In just a few drops, this organic elixir soothes and regenerates irritated skin while deeply hydrating, strengthening and repairing the epidermis! Taste the joys of pleasure cosmetics!

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