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Article: Multi-masking, the trendy facial that treats all the skin's needs

Multi-masking, le soin visage tendance qui traite tous les besoins de la peau

Multi-masking, the trendy facial that treats all the skin's needs

Dilated pores, oily T-zone and sensitive cheeks... Here comes into action our tip of the day to eradicate multiple skin problems, I named the multi-masking! It's well known that the land of the rising sun has always been ahead of the game when it comes to cosmetology. It's time to pick up some good ideas imported from Japan that will give you a flawless skin and a perfect complexion. We'll never say it again, your skin is unique, just as each area of the face has specific needs. The time of impersonal routines is over and is giving way to a customized ritual that targets not just one skin problem but the whole; I call it multi-masking or the art of whispering to the pores of the epidermis. Sometimes oily, sensitive, dry or even mixed... It is not always easy to put a word on your skin, even after having made a diagnosis. Here's a closer look at a "pore" skincare trend!


  1. Multi-masking : which benefits ?
  2. Multi-masking : how does it work ?
  3. Multi-masking : how to succeed ?

Multi-masking : which benefits ?

Like our wardrobes, our beauty products are also renewed according to the trends. This winter, multi-masking is taking the lead on the podium and has been spreading like wildfire on social networks. After the advent of Jelly Skin to plump up the skin, it's now the turn of a personalized technique that invites us to try a multitude of different facials to treat our little skin problems. So, what is multi-masking? It is simply the fact of applying several  masks on the face to answer specifically to each need of the skin. If this method upsets the most expeditious, it may nevertheless work small miracles in favor of your skin capital. Focus on these pretty pastel colors that brighten up our face care ritual and target the skin's needs to make it look its best!
The multi-masking is a salutary indulgence in a care routine if you have both oily and dry skin, mixed and dehydrated, lacking radiance, wrinkled. Each problem has its own solution! The combinations are multiple and can give us a hard time choosing the perfect mask. With this recipe imported from Japanese institutes, this difficult choice is behind you. Among other things, it allows you to :

  • Promote radiant skin by boosting its natural light and erasing dullness, especially in winter Purify the T-zone by regulating excess sebum, which will reduce imperfections while treating dry and sensitive areas of the face Moisturize even the driest skin while soothing certain areas of the face prone to dryness, irritation and dehydration (cheeks, wings of the nose, lip contour).
  • Rediscover the best of each part of your face with juxtaposed masks that combine double or triple action!

    Multi-masking : how does it work?

    Clay materials have long been part of our beauty ritual. Purifying, exfoliating, cleansing and soothing... It's the all-purpose ingredient for all types of skin to naturally enhance it. But between pink, green or white clay, my heart sways. Each clay has its own color, and each color has a specific power on your skin. Thanks to multi-masking, it is already possible to compose your own treatment by painting your face with these precious mixtures that act in depth on the different areas of your face. On your masks, get set, go!

    Multi-masking : how to succeed ?

    Then comes the fateful question that may or may not earn you a perfect complexion and flawless skin: which mask for which area of the face? The secret of a good multi-masking is above all a diagnosis of skin. We can never say it enough: your skin gives clues, sometimes discreetly and sometimes excessively, as to its needs. Above all, listen to your skin! Every problem has its own solution, and you need to know how to use these face masks wisely.
    Pampering your skin is good, naturally is better. Clays come into play, and they can be perfectly combined with each other. After having targeted your skin problems, it is time to compose with the clays at your disposal.

    Purification mission with green clay 

    Rich in magnesium, silica, aluminum and lime, it is without question the best ally of oily skin. It is at the same time purifying, anti-inflammatory and balancing, which gives it a very effective anti-imperfection action. Notice to acne-prone skin, you know what you have to do!

    Give me radiance with white clay 

    White clay: all-purpose clay, its soft and creamy texture is compatible with all skin types. It is ideal for purifying and purifying the driest skin, soothing delicate skin and nourishing mature skins. Thanks to its anti-greying and decongesting properties, it will reveal the radiance of your skin, while deeply nourishing it.

    Let the light work with red clay and pink clay

    Red clay is undoubtedly the best natural alternative to bring luminosity to dull complexions. As a bonus, it soothes skin inflammation and improves microcirculation. Revive the radiance of your face! For sensitive skin lacking radiance, we recommend pink clay which is soothing.

    Not even afraid of yellow clay

    Those who suffer from rosacea or redness should speak up! Yellow clay comes to the rescue of particularly sensitive skin and mature skins thanks to its anti-stain action. In a small amount of product, yellow clay gives your skin a healthy glow.

    Operation hydration with purple clay

    Draw a definitive line on skin dryness thanks to purple clay which, thanks to its concentration in mineral salts, moisturizes even the driest skin in a single gesture. Its color gives it relaxing virtues that allow the purification not only of the skin but also of the spirit.

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