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Article: Remove your Halloween makeup, natural makeup remover

Éliminer son maquillage Halloween, démaquillant naturel

Remove your Halloween makeup, natural makeup remover

Halloween makeup: how to naturally remove makeup from your face?

Notice to established or aspiring makeup artists, Halloween promises terrifying surprises. For this evening it couldn't be more special, all extravagances are permitted. So freaky yes, but not at any cost. If you skip the makeup removal step and neglect cleansing your face, it's when you wake up that you risk having a big scare!

So to avoid being complicit in a crime against your epidermis and your skin, it is better to rely on a good natural makeup remover which will easily remove your Halloween makeup and remove fake blood while respecting the sensitivity of the epidermis.

Like treatments, make-up remover products must also be diagnosed according to your skin type. Combination skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, what about the natural and organic makeup remover to choose?

The time of anti-eco wipes that sting the skin is over, make way for a clean and gentle routine composed of a facial makeup remover oil , a micellar jelly, a cleansing gel and a sugras soap to purify the skin in depth.

Back to basics, Kadalys deciphers for you the best organic makeup remover products adapted to your skincare routine!


  1. Remove makeup from your eyes and lips
  2. Remove make-up from the face
  3. Clean your face
  4. Moisturize your skin
  5. Choosing the right natural and organic makeup remover products

Steps for perfect makeup removal after Halloween

Fake blood, latex, horrific makeup... These are the essentials of Halloween makeup, the only day of the year when people voluntarily disfigure themselves to look as terrifying as possible. But make-up means removing make-up if you don't want to transform yourself into the character you've pretended to be for the occasion.

We can never say it enough, skin cleansing is essential if you want to have a radiant complexion and a flawless complexion. Removing makeup before going to sleep is one of the essential beauty steps to purify the epidermis, allow it to regenerate during the night and find clean, clear skin when you get out of bed. Skipping this crucial step, especially on Halloween night when you don't skimp on the quantities of makeup, can alter the cell regeneration process.

Result ? Your skin is asphyxiated, your pores are clogged and give pride of place to imperfections. How to properly remove makeup naturally ? We repack the costume, and we carry out a skin cleaning to easily but safely remove the Halloween makeup .

Remove makeup from your eyes and lips

Who says Halloween makeup , often says smoky eyes and gothic lipstick for the occasion. To get rid of waterproof make-up, we recommend a cleansing oil which, as its name suggests, is a fatty substance.

Since makeup is oil soluble, it is ideal for removing even the most stubborn Halloween makeup . Since the eyes and lips are extremely sensitive, it must be used with caution. Above all, do not rub as you risk irritating your skin. Soak a cotton pad with a few drops of oil, leave for a few seconds on the area then wipe gently.

Remove make-up from the face

For Halloween, the skin is put to the test. For this occasion, we are swapping our favorite lighter and more natural makeup ritual for XXL makeup in dark colors. To do this, we pull out all the stops literally and figuratively. Foundation, blush, concealer in an ultra-thick layer... Beware of damage if you decide to go to bed without removing your makeup. Choose a natural makeup remover suited to your skin type:

  • For sensitive skin: Halloween makeup and sensitive skin rarely go well together. Once a year, you can treat yourself as long as you remove your makeup with a suitable product. We recommend micellar water which is a gentle cleanser. We particularly recommend it for skin prone to irritation , even if in reality, this toner is suitable for all skin types! Rich in non-ionic surfactants, it acts like a magnet to attract and trap impurities. Soak a cotton pad (reusable of course) in micellar water to refresh the epidermis, gently cleanse the skin and rid it of surface impurities. This express ritual removes your makeup in one step. Just be sure to repeat the operation until the cotton no longer absorbs material.
  • For combination and oily skin: Oily skin is in the spotlight for imperfections. At the slightest breach, hello blackheads and comedones. And Halloween makeup can darken the picture if you don't remove your makeup correctly. We opt for a cleansing foam which has the dual advantage of removing makeup and deeply purifying the skin. On damp skin, apply your treatment using a small massage. Focus on oily areas (nose and chin) to get rid of impurities accumulated during the day before rinsing with lukewarm water. After applying the cleansing foam, your skin is visibly clearer, even without make-up!
  • For dry skin: Finding a good makeup remover for dry skin can be difficult, even as painful as watching a horror film. Never mind, we steal from the resource of dehydrated epidermis with a suitable formulation. Among the natural moisturizing products that can have a small effect on dry skin, vegetable oils are essential. And why not a makeup remover oil to get rid of the most stubborn mascaras and the most recalcitrant skin? To carry out your make-up removal ritual, we opt for make-up remover oil which nourishes the epidermis and strengthens the skin barrier. These little gems of natural cosmetics act deeply without stripping the skin. Apply a few drops of oil to a cotton pad then massage gently using circular movements. Result ? Your skin is hydrated and radiant with vitality!

Clean your face

Not to be confused with makeup removal! Skin cleansing is a step in its own right after applying your makeup remover product which will have the effect of removing your makeup and surface impurities. But to deeply purify your skin, it is better to use a suitable natural cleanser . Mousse, oil or gel… It all depends on your skin type.

Apply the cleanser to the face in small circles with your fingertips to create a light emulsion before rinsing with clean water. Since Halloween is synonymous with excess and an abundance of makeup, we recommend that you apply a mask or perform an exfoliating treatment, the safe bet for eliminating toxins and tightening pores after the festivities.

Moisturize your skin

Halloween night promises to be long and above all dangerous for your skin. After removing makeup and cleansing your skin, a hydration treatment is essential. Whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin, it requires a regular supply of water to maintain the hydrolipidic film, which protects the skin from external aggressions. Use a moisturizer to reduce the harmful effects of your makeup.

Choosing the right natural and organic makeup remover products

Like our skincare routine, the evening ritual is just as important. What are these essential cosmetics that will make up our night routine? Kadalys has formulated a range of makeup removers and cleansers based on natural ingredients to beautify you from getting out of bed to waking up. Focus on the ideal makeup remover routine.

Organic Make-up Remover Oil for the face, gentle and effective

Suitable for all skin types, make-up remover oil has entered the routine of beauty addicts. For those who swear by waterproof makeup, this is the ideal alternative if you want to remove stubborn mascara and lipstick easily and effectively. As a bonus, this natural makeup remover helps get rid of impurities, reduces excess sebum and makeup residue.

Notice to combination and oily skin, we definitely confirm the preconceived ideas about makeup remover oil : it does not grease the skin! On the other hand, it intensely hydrates even the driest skin.

Looking for a 100% natural makeup remover oil ? We have found a rare gem for you. Organic Makeup Remover Melting Oil effectively removes makeup and impurities accumulated on the surface. Nothing can resist this natural makeup remover, not even the most extravagant Halloween makeup. Enriched with bio-active yellow banana, avocado oil and rosehip oil, it sweeps away dull complexion to brighten and soften dry and sensitive skin. Its anti-aging and protective action preserves skin youthfulness.

Taste the must-have in natural and organic cosmetics thanks to an exceptional makeup remover that heals our little skin defects!

✨ Micellar Jelly, for clear and soothed skin

To perfect our makeup remover routine, Micellar Jelly is the ideal solution which is suitable for all skin types thanks to its active properties and its ultra-light texture. A 2-in-1 cleanser, the concentrated micelles in the gel help tighten pores while cleansing and removing makeup and impurities. As a bonus, this natural makeup remover does not dry out the skin.

Want to test the crème de la crème of micellar jellies? Kadalys has bottled a bio-active concentrate of pink banana, castor oil and rice oil, known for their antioxidant and soothing properties.

Gentle Micellar Jelly gently removes makeup from the face thanks to its airy and refreshing texture, suitable for even the most sensitive areas. A true Swiss Army knife of organic cosmetics , it purifies the skin by capturing impurities while hydrating and soothing the skin. To consume without moderation !

✨ The ultra gentle Organic Cleansing Gel

To achieve skin goals and display flawless skin worthy of red carpets, there is no secret: commit to daily skin cleansing .

We ban excessively aggressive cleansing and rely on ultra-gentle gels which have the dual advantage of deeply purifying the skin by ridding it of impurities while preserving its hydrolipidic film to protect it from external aggressions.

In fact, this type of product deeply cleanses the skin without disturbing its natural balance thanks to plant-based surfactants. Rich in moisturizing and softening active ingredients, the Organic Cleansing Gel also contributes to hydrating the skin, and making it soft and comfortable after rinsing.

Ultra gentle, soap-free, guaranteed to be of natural origin... We have found the perfect cleansing gel for you to clean your skin without stripping it. Enriched with Bio-Active Green Banana, Panama Wood, Lemon Water and ultra-gentle natural surfactants, the Cleansing Gel respects the natural pH of the epidermis to restore radiance to dull complexions, purify and eliminate impurities and preserve skin hydration.

✨ Organic Purifying Surgras Soap

In the family of natural cosmetics , I would like superfatted soap, the gentle cleanser that fights against dry skin. Unlike its classic counterparts, this type of cleanser contains a concentrate of superfatting nutritional agents that continue to cleanse the skin without ever drying it out.

Particularly recommended for atopic skin prone to eczema problems, it will prove essential for taking care of your epidermis at times of the year when it is particularly in demand.

Ready to switch to solid cosmetics? Organic Purifying Surgras Soap cleanses, purifies and balances all skin types, even the driest.

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