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Article: How to protect your skin from the harmful effects of blue light?

Comment protéger sa peau des effets néfastes de la lumière bleue ?

How to protect your skin from the harmful effects of blue light?

Everyone knows blue light by name and has heard about it more than once! We know that it can alter the health of our eyes and affect our sleep time. But what do we know about its effects on the skin? Unfortunately, not much is known about its effects on the skin... However, there are more than a few: premature aging of cells, alteration of collagen and elastin production, dull complexion, imperfections and pigmentation spots. When we know that, per day, our exposure to screens is about 6 hours, it is rather interesting to put things in place to avoid suffering the damage! For that nothing complicated, it is enough to adopt some habits and to use a good routine of care. To help you, we give you our tips to limit the effects of blue light on our skin!

Do screens damage the skin?

Screens (tablet, computer, telephone, television) and the blue light they produce can indeed end up deteriorating the quality of the skin. The blue light emitted by screens is a very energetic light, even if it remains lighter than UV rays. The biggest problem is that, contrary to the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, the light of the screens does not heat the skin. It is therefore difficult to realize that they act in a negative way! It is even considered that blue light represents as much risk for the skin as pollution or tobacco. Apart from screens, blue light is also found in lamps lit with LEDs and even in the light emitted by the sun! Our skin and our cells are put to the test every day!

What are the dangers of blue light on the skin?

Blue light represents different dangers for the skin:

  • it causes premature skin aging
  • it causes oxidative stress in the cells by disturbing the balance of free radicals
  • it causes a dull and uneven complexion
  • it causes the formation of pigmentary spots in certain people with a phototype higher than 3.

Free radicals are unstable molecules present in our cells. Their main role is to protect the cells that make up our epidermis. Under normal circumstances, they do not pose any particular problem. However, when oxidative stress is caused by external factors (lifestyle, blue light, tobacco, pollution, etc.), the free radicals start to attack the cells and cause skin degradation. The level of the cells and their functioning are heavily affected, the aging of the skin is underway. Pigment spots are mostly seen in people with phototype 3 or more (Mediterranean or black skin). These spots are similar to age spots or a pregnancy mask and are not permanent if a care routine is put in place!

Reflexes to adopt to protect your skin naturally from blue light

To protect your skin from the negative effects of blue light, there are a few simple tips!

  • Wear a facial with SPF, summer or winter, or a sunscreen over your day cream.
  • Remember to reduce the brightness of your screens when you work on them. Be careful not to turn it down too much either so as not to damage your eyes!
  • Activate the "blue light" mode on your computer. Today, all new screens or laptops have this option.
  • Activate the night mode on your phones or the "blue light" mode.
  • Wear blue light glasses to protect your eyes. Even if you don't have vision problems, you can invest in glasses without correction but with a filter that will protect them.
  • Unsubscribe from all the emails or applications that are useless and that constantly send you notifications! Goodbye to the digital pollution that increases our screen time every day!
  • Try to limit your screen time during the day. If you work on a screen, don't spend your breaks on your phone and don't stay in front of the television until late at night!

Which skin care product should you choose to reduce the effects of blue light on your skin?

In terms of skin care, choose a natural sun cream or sun care product with mineral filters. Less dangerous for the skin, they are also gentler on the environment. Some mineral filters in conventional creams are considered to be endocrine disruptors and others have even been banned because they are really dangerous for the skin! If you are already prone to wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin, use a lifting serum in addition to your day and night cream. It will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which have already slowed down with the passing years and are also damaged by blue light. For those who see brown spots appear on their skin, don't panic! Add an anti-spot serum or lotion to your beauty routine and continue to wear a cream with SPF or sun protection. As for the special anti blue light care, it allows you to protect the penetration of rays in the skin and thus limit the formation of free radicals. At Kadalys, we have developed a face and bust care, shield against blue light formulated with a Complex of Rice of Camargue and Organic Soybean Oil non-GMO. They have nothing more to offer you than a cream rich in antioxidants or a sun care product! Don't forget that beauty on the outside is also about taking care of yourself on the inside, so eat a varied, balanced diet and drink plenty of water!

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