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Article: Nos conseils pour prendre soin de la peau du visage

Nos conseils pour prendre soin de la peau du visage

Nos conseils pour prendre soin de la peau du visage

To take care of your skin in the best possible way, you must already know your skin type! Oily skin, combination skin, normal skin and dry skin are skin types, but dehydrated, blemished, sensitive or mature skin are skin conditions. In short, you can have oily and sensitive skin or dry and mature skin! Depending on your skin type and your skin condition, you will not have the same needs and therefore not the same beauty routine. We explain to you today the steps to take care of your skin!

How to take care of your face according to your skin type?

Oily skin types should choose gentle, fresh and purifying facial cleansers. Fresh and gentle to soothe potential inflamed spots, and purifying to help the skin regain a smooth appearance. To moisturize oily skin, matifying moisturizers to control shine due to the overproduction of sebum, or purifying and soothing, in case of imperfections. In terms of texture, light textures, such as fluids, are better absorbed. Fluids moisturize the skin without clogging it or over-nourishing it. Then, a targeted treatment to treat pimples or to help the skin heal! Finally, once a week a gentle exfoliation and moisturizing mask to promote cell renewal and hydrate the skin.

Combination skin has two types of skin in one: oily on the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) and normal, even dry, on the rest of the face. To take care of combination skin, you need to find the right balance! The best thing to do is to apply targeted care products to the T-zone (purifying, matifying, healing) and basic products to the rest of the face. Of course, in the ideal case, you could use two moisturizers and two cleansers, but in reality, it's a bit restrictive! If you have combination skin, go for purifying cleansers and balancing and mattifying moisturizers. On the T-zone, you can apply more specific care products to treat shine and imperfections. For scrubs and masks, it's the same as for oily skin!

Normal skin has no specific needs: it is neither oily nor dry and does not have too many imperfections or dilated pores. For the cleanser, choose a texture that you like (foam, oil, cream, etc.) and for the moisturizer turn to a moisturizing cream for normal skin. Once again, it's up to you to choose the texture you like best and the care you want to provide! If your skin looks dull, you can choose a cream with a glowy finish. If you need firmness, choose a moisturizing cream for the first wrinkles! The choice of your skin care products will depend on your skin condition. The same goes for masks and scrubs!

Dry skin is often sensitive skin. They need a great softness and a moisturizing routine ++! To clean the face, use creams, foams or soft soaps with a neutral pH. The skin should feel soothed, comfortable and not tight. To moisturize dry skin, use creamy, nourishing and comforting textures! The skin needs a big bowl of hydration to be protected and luminous. As far as scrubs are concerned, use them sparingly! On the other hand, moisturizing and nourishing masks can be done once or twice a week.

Which cosmetic product is the most hydrating for the face?

To moisturize your face, no matter what your skin type is, the best is to turn to organic and natural moisturizing creams! For example, all our organic face creams and serums are made with a minimum of 99.5% of natural ingredients and a good part of these ingredients are organically grown. The organic and natural products moisturize the body and face with vegetable oils, vegetable butters, vegetable glycerin or aloe vera. Silicones and mineral oils are banished from skin care products and that's good! The skin benefits from the best and many people with problems such as eczema, psoriasis or acne end up getting over it thanks to more skin-friendly care products.

Which day and night beauty routine to have a beautiful skin?

The most important thing to have a beautiful skin is to respect the beauty routine you have set for yourself! If you know your skin's needs well, you can implement it on your own. On the other hand, if you have tried several routines without finding the right one, you can ask beauty specialists!

  • In the morning, cleanse your skin with a floral water or a tonic. Then apply your eye contour and moisturizing cream to protect your skin from external aggressions and skin aging. You can then apply a targeted skin care product or make-up.
  • In the evening, start by removing your makeup, whether or not you are wearing makeup. Removing your makeup allows you to double-cleanse your skin, which is important given the pollution our skin faces every day! Then, cleanse your skin with a cleanser to rid it of dead cells and stubborn impurities. Then, apply your night cream to give it a good hydration and allow it to regenerate.

Once a week you can do a scrub to clean your skin in depth and stimulate cell renewal! There is nothing better to have a healthy skin, erase pigmentary spots, scars or even give back the skin's radiance. Then apply a regenerating, moisturizing, purifying or illuminating mask according to your needs!

How to take care of your skin when wearing a mask?

To keep your skin beautiful despite wearing a mask, you need to set up a beauty routine that allows it to regain its balance. And yes, wearing a mask creates a humid environment in which the skin has difficulty breathing... We see imperfections, irritations and redness appear and the skin can become very uncomfortable! The goal of the mask routine is to allow the skin to regain its natural balance and comfort while limiting the appearance of imperfections and promoting healing.
In the evening, cleanse twice with a greasy makeup remover to dissolve all the impurities present on the skin, then cleanse with a gentle facial cleanser. Rub your skin gently, the aim is not to strip it but to clean it properly! Next, you can apply a light moisturizer that won't clog pores and then a targeted anti-blemish treatment on pimples. If you like to wear makeup, choose loose powders! Once a week, you can exfoliate the area to promote good cell renewal, good skin healing and a smoother skin texture.

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