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Article: Recipe for a nourishing face mask

Recette de masque nourrissant pour le visage

Recipe for a nourishing face mask

Summer and winter alike, the skin is put to the test. The sun, wind, pollution, screens or rain affect its condition and we can quickly pay the price. Tight skin, imperfections, redness, sunburn, accelerated skin aging, ... Our skin is suffering. To restore its radiance and vitality, we must pamper it every day with healthy and natural cosmetics. Moisturizing cream, scrub, mask, peeling and facial in institute, we leave nothing aside! However, not everything is accessible to everyone. So why not make facials with ingredients that we also use in cooking? And yes, it is possible! We explain you everything just below!

How to moisturize the skin of the face naturally?

Every day, the skin of the face must be moisturized morning and evening. This daily moisturizing helps the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin, to keep its water content intact. The higher the water content of the epidermis, the better it can perform its protective function. Being in permanent contact with the outside world, it must be impenetrable to limit imperfections and slow down skin aging. For this, internal hydration, with water in quantity (1.5L minimum per day), and external hydration, with a good moisturizer, are necessary. To moisturize your skin as healthily and effectively as possible, there is nothing better than organic and natural cosmetics! Free of all components considered dangerous to health (parabens, silicones, endocrine disruptors, phthalates, ...), they offer the skin a complete and fair hydration. No excess, just what is needed to nourish and moisturize. In natural moisturizing creams we find raw ingredients such as vegetable butters, vegetable oils, essential oils or glycerin. In the formula, each component has several virtues and the whole composes a cream which corresponds to a particular type of skin and which brings it what it needs. For the most minimalist, an oil or a vegetable butter can be enough to moisturize face, body and hair!

Can we make a home-made mask when we have sensitive skin?

From time to time, you can use organic masks to moisturize your face more deeply! A hydrating mask is a concentrate of active ingredients that will boost the skin's hydration. Leaving it on the face for several minutes gives the different ingredients time to work their magic. All skin types can use hydrating masks, even dry and sensitive skin. Depending on your skin type, you will not necessarily look for the same things, so the active ingredients will not be the same. Mature skin will be more inclined to moisturizing and antioxidant masks, while sensitive skin will be more inclined to soothing moisturizing masks. For the specific case of sensitive skin, making a homemade moisturizing face mask is surely the best thing to do. The composition of the mask is made to order and must be used within a minute. We can therefore exclude preservatives (which can be irritating even if they are natural) and essential oils or other perfumes that can cause reactions in fragile, sensitive and reactive skin. What's the advantage of making your own mask? It only takes two minutes and, in general, we already have everything we need in our cupboards. For example, to make a homemade face mask for sensitive skin, simply mix one teaspoon of aloe vera gel with two teaspoons of honey in a clean bowl. Then apply the mixture to your clean, dry face and leave on for up to 20 minutes before rinsing off with clean water. Simple and effective!

Which moisturizing mask to use when you have acne-prone skin?

Acne-prone skin can also be sensitive skin, so it is important to choose masks that are gentle but that will also have a detoxifying action to rid the pores of their impurities and promote cell renewal. There are many good organic and natural masks for acne-prone skin, but if you want to make it at home, it's also possible! To make a moisturizing homemade mask for acne-prone skin, all you need is regulating jojoba vegetable oil, soft clay (pink or white) and honey with antibacterial and repairing properties. Mix three tablespoons of jojoba oil with half a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture to clean, dry skin and leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing with clean water. Jojoba oil, whose composition is close to human sebum, has regulating and protective virtues that are very much appreciated by oily skin prone to acne. It regulates sebum production and reduces blackheads. It is also nourishing and regenerating, just like honey. The clays are purifying, regulating and astringent. The pores are tightened, the complexion is brighter and the skin breathes.

If you don't want to make a homemade mask, you can use our hydrating and purifying mask! It unclogs pores, regulates sebum production and restores the skin's radiance. Its composition is made with 100% natural ingredients and its floral scent with notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and tiare is intoxicating. Pleasure guaranteed! To optimize the benefits of the treatment, regardless of your skin type, you can do a quick scrub just before applying your mask. To do this, simply mix a teaspoon of fine sugar with a tablespoon of oil (the one of your choice) and lemon juice. Apply to the face after cleansing with gentle circular motions. Avoid sensitive or acne-prone areas.

What are the benefits of a homemade moisturizing face mask?

No matter what type of mask you like to do on your face, hair or body, homemade is a great economical but also ecological alternative! Homemade masks must be used on the spot to benefit from all the properties of the mask. From an ecological point of view, this is quite positive! As for the quantities, even if you might have some mistakes at the beginning, it's not a big deal, you'll learn to dose just what you need. And if you don't live alone, share your house mask with your spouse or a friend. A cocooning moment guaranteed! Homemade DIY masks are also economical, as one product can be used to make different masks. For example, jojoba oil or olive oil can be used in your face mask recipes but also your hair and body recipes. One of the other advantages of homemade cosmetics is that you can never get tired of it because there are many different recipes. In terms of sensory and product experience, it's like testing a new product every week! Finally, the ingredients used are raw, unprocessed and in their most natural form. We therefore take advantage of all their virtues and benefits. The nutrients, minerals and vitamins are at their maximum concentration, the mask is a super-concentrated vitality, for our greatest pleasure!

Our recipe for a nourishing homemade mask made with banana

Of course, we couldn't leave you without a little recipe for a mask made from our favorite fruit: the banana! Rich in omega 3 and 6, the banana is a super ingredient with multiple virtues: regulating, anti-acne, anti-brown spots, healing, antioxidant, repairing, softening, protective, and we go on! It is an ally of choice whether in food or in cosmetics. To make a moisturizing mask for the face with banana, bring along :

  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt
  • ½ mashed banana
  • a few drops of essential oil of your choice depending on your skin type (tea tree or palmarosa for blemishes, rose for dry and delicate skin)
Once the ingredients are ready: 

  • mix them in a clean and disinfected bowl
  • apply the mask to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area
  • leave it on for about 20 minutes
  • then rinse with clear, lukewarm water
  • apply your organic moisturizer and enjoy a radiant and hydrated skin!

In the recipe, the oatmeal brings hydration and soothing, they are very interesting on the atopic, sensitive and reactive skins. As for the yogurt, it is hydrating and it participates in the elimination of the bad bacteria present on the skin. This mask can be done once a week to boost the hydration of your skin and soften it. You can vary the ingredients that come with the banana and make your mask to order. And above all, don't forget to make a scrub before your mask to optimize the action of the natural active ingredients!

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