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Article: All about white spots on the face

Tout savoir sur les taches blanches sur le visage

All about white spots on the face

Ah the return of the beautiful days... Tanning all day long to finally have this tanned complexion of which we dreamed all year long... Watching our hair lighten with the sun... Happiness! The approach of spring and summer also means vacations, rest on the beach, walks, longer nights of sleep, good mood, restaurants, parties... We would like to stay there all year long, wouldn't we? Well, we are not going to lie to ourselves, we want to stay there all year long if we only take advantage of these positive aspects! Because the sunburns, the depigmentation of the skin, the hair in straw mat and the appearance of mysterious white spots, we would do without it! Besides, to help you remove the mystery on these famous white spots, we concocted you a small article which explains you what they are, why they appear and how to get rid of them. Come on, follow us!

Why do white spots appear on the skin?

White spots can appear for different reasons on the skin:

  • they can be due to a "rather frequent skin disease called vitiligo". This skin disease is recognizable by the white spots, more or less large, that it leaves on the skin. In fact, in Latin "vitiligo" literally means "white spot"! Vitiligo is in fact a depigmentation of the skin caused by a loss of melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells that make melanin, the pigment that colors our skin. If these melanocytes disappear for one reason or another, the skin loses its pigmentation and becomes lighter, even white. These small spots are particularly visible on dark skin but they can also affect light skin. Vitiligo is often present on the face, feet, hands or areas of friction (groin, armpit, etc.).
  • they can be due to the "summer fungus". Don't think of it as a big infection that causes very unpleasant side effects because it is only a benign mycosis. Caused most of the time by perspiration, this infection disappears quickly with an adapted treatment! However, recurrences are quite frequent. A preventive treatment could therefore be given to you before the summer to allow you to spend a serene summer without the appearance of white spots!
  • they can be due to the sun, quite simply. As the years go by, the body's cells have a harder time renewing themselves, and it's not just those responsible for skin tone! Melanocytes, cells responsible for the production of melanin, also tend to age, and even more so if the skin has never really been protected from the sun... A bit like white hair, the skin can end up losing its pigmentation. In winter, this depigmentation of the skin is not necessarily visible, but when the sun comes out and the skin tans, you can't miss it.
  • they may be due to poor healing of the skin. Yes, no matter what kind of scar you have (acne, operation, scratch, etc.) it is very important to protect it from the sun with a sun cream factor 50! By protecting your scar from the sun, you protect your skin from the appearance of white spots.

To know everything about pigment spots and brown spots, don't hesitate to read our complementary article on the subject.

The different types of pigmented spots due to the sun

The sun can cause white spots on the skin but not only! Beyond the famous sunburns, brown spots can also appear on the body and even on the scalp. If you are expecting a happy event, remember to protect yourself from the sun to avoid the famous pregnancy mask. During pregnancy, your hormones are completely turned upside down, which causes your estrogen levels to increase. Estrogen will stimulate melanocytes more strongly, which will lead to increased skin coloration. Basically, you may tan faster but you may also be prone to the appearance of dark spots! In general, the pregnancy mask disappears a few months after giving birth but it can also come back as soon as the sun comes out. Stay alert!

    Brown spots can also be a sign of skin aging, they are then called "age spots"! The shape of an age spot varies from person to person, but it is usually no larger than a freckle. These spots often appear once the 40 years passed and can appear on any type of skin! Be careful though, the more the years go by the more we see them appear on younger skin. The cause? Prolonged exposure to the sun and unprotected by creams... Finally, pigmented spots can also announce something more serious like cancer. If you have any doubts about a spot or a mole, don't hesitate to go to a dermatologist to clarify things.

    How to remove white spots from the skin?

    As we have seen, a white spot or a brown spot is not necessarily a sign of a health problem, and fortunately! The best way to prevent your body from becoming covered with pigmentation spots is to protect your skin with a sun cream factor 50. The application of this cream must be done in the morning and renewed every two hours to have a flawless effectiveness. One last piece of advice before moving on to the treatments to eliminate white spots: all year round, and even more so in summer, hygiene is very important! In order to avoid the fungus we mentioned above, it is imperative to change clothes regularly and to wash every day. Between salt, chlorine, sweat and friction, the skin needs to be pampered!

    The elimination of the white spots cannot be done without the assistance of adapted care and that falls well, we have all that you need! Our skin care products to reduce pigmentation spots contain natural, organic and skin-friendly ingredients that will act effectively against skin depigmentation.

    • The Exfoliating Peel will refine the skin texture and stimulate cell renewal. Application after application, the skin is finer, more even and pigmentary irregularities are visibly reduced! This peeling mask is suitable for all skin types.
    • The Clarifying Lotion is also ideal for unifying the complexion thanks to the lemon plant water it contains. It's simple, 86% of the people who tested it found their complexion more even and luminous... The numbers speak for themselves!
    • Precious Banana Oil won't help you get rid of spots, but it will help you stay spot-free! This heavenly smelling oil helps strengthen the skin's natural defenses. The more the skin is hydrated, the more its cutaneous barrier is reinforced and the better it will be able to support the rays of the sun! Be careful, this oil is to be used in addition to a sun cream.
    • Finally, the lifting cream line promotes skin renewal and nourishes the skin in depth. Nothing better to fight against skin irregularities! 1 out of 2 women who have tested this organic skin care line claim to have seen their pigmentation spots diminish!

    Summer and winter alike, it is essential to always protect your skin from the sun. With daily protection, you can avoid negative effects in the short and long term! Although solutions exist to eliminate white and brown spots, some of them can be a sign of more serious problems. When in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

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