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Article: How to moisturize the skin of the face naturally?

Comment hydrater la peau du visage naturellement ? - KADALYS

How to moisturize the skin of the face naturally?

The skin plays a great role for our organism since it is it that protects us from external aggressions, but also regulates our body temperature. To perform this protective role, it is equipped with a skin barrier and a hydrolipidic film. These components are both present on the outermost part of the skin, the one we see with the naked eye: the epidermis. But, as you can imagine, since the skin is put to the test every day (pollution, sun, wind, cosmetics, makeup, etc.), it can fail to perform its role. We then find ourselves with permeable skin and therefore prone to all kinds of problems (acne, dull complexion, dehydration). To avoid this, it is essential to take care of your skin every day. Taking care of your skin is not just about cleaning it, it's also about moisturizing it with a product that suits your skin type! Find out how to moisturize your facial skin naturally and learn the right gestures to build a suitable beauty routine for yourself!

The reasons to moisturize your face

The skin on your face, but also on your body, naturally loses moisture every day. This process of water evaporation is called "transepidermal water loss" and it is completely normal. Its role is to stabilize the body's hydration level at around 13%. Below 13%, the hydrolipidic film loses its effectiveness and the skin barrier is no longer optimal. The only thing is, in addition to being normal, this phenomenon of evaporation of the skin is constant. This means that even if your skin does not have enough moisture in stock, the amount of water evacuated will be the same as if it is deeply moisturized. The result can be simple dry skin, but also more serious skin problems such as eczema. To avoid this, it is highly recommended to moisturize your skin every day with a moisturizer and drink enough water throughout the day.

How to naturally moisturize your face

The idea in naturally moisturizing your face is to deeply hydrate the skin by providing water, but also to nourish it with fats to replenish its lipid barrier. Thanks to the hydration, the skin will be able to maintain its hydrolipidic film and more easily assimilate the water contribution. Thanks to nutrition, the skin will be able to create a protective film and limit the evaporation of water to avoid dehydration. To play this role of natural moisturizer, what better than organic moisturizing creams and composed of natural oily and aqueous ingredients? In a cream, the oily part brings nutrition and reinforces the lipidic barrier. This oily part can be composed of vegetable oils or vegetable butters. The idea is to have a good supply of fatty acids and to take advantage of the vitamins and virtues of these ingredients that are gentle on the skin, but also on the environment! The aqueous part of the cream is composed of moisturizing and plumping agents. Among them, we often find aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, but also hyaluronic acid or floral waters. Choosing a natural moisturizer allows you to put aside falsely moisturizing ingredients such as mineral oils or kerosene. These two ingredients, widely used in conventional cosmetics, provide superficial hydration to the skin. They are also known to clog pores and prevent sebum from draining naturally. The result: the skin is not moisturized, it is tight and on top of that, it can be prone to acne because of the excess sebum present in the pores... To find the right natural skincare, obviously choose it according to your skin type (dry skin, oily skin or normal skin)!

The right natural moisturizing routine for facial skin

You get it, in order to have hydrated skin, you need to give it nutrition and moisture. But that's not the only important part of a beauty routine! In fact, to be healthy, the skin also needs to be cleansed daily. Cleansing, in addition to being a moment of well-being and softness, helps the skin to regulate itself and eliminates impurities.

In the morning: cleanse the skin and strengthen its protective barrier!

Cleansing and removing makeup is a very important step in a beauty routine because it allows to eliminate impurities, excess sebum, pollution or makeup. As for the morning cleansing, it can be a little lighter than the evening depending on your skin type. If you have normal or dry skin, you can just use a floral water and a cotton pad on your skin in the morning. On the other hand, if you have oily skin and imperfections, you can use a gentle cleansing gel. Once your face is clean, move on to moisturizing! Start with a serum adapted to your skin, then finish with a day cream whose texture suits you. For example, oily skin will be very happy with a fluid cream, while dry skin will prefer a smooth cream. Remember, your cream must moisturize (water) and nourish (oil)!

In the evening: eliminate impurities and moisturize deeply!

Once you get home, take the time to deeply cleanse your skin by opting for the double cleanse to remove makeup, pollution, but also impurities. This usually consists of a makeup remover oil (a vegetable oil can work just fine) and a gentle fragrance-free cleanser. Once clean and dry, the skin can be moisturized again for the night. Nighttime care is just as important as daytime care because at night, the skin regenerates and loses moisture. To help it regenerate while remaining moisturized and plumped up, you should choose a night cream with an oily and watery phase. Our beauty tip? Do a moisturizing mask at least once a week to boost skin's hydration and find it luminous and smooth when you wake up!

Here's to luminous, supple and healthy skin thanks to organic products that naturally hydrate your face!

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