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Article: How to fight skin fatigue?

Comment lutter contre la fatigue cutanée ?

How to fight skin fatigue?

We've all had to wake up one morning with dark circles under our eyes and lack radiance, thinking that we could use a boost. If so, it's mysterious skin fatigue. Do not panic ! Today, we are going to decipher this phenomenon and above all give you all our tips for remedying it.


  1. What is skin fatigue and where does it come from?
  2. How do you know if you have skin fatigue?
  3. Our advice to combat skin fatigue

What is skin fatigue and where does it come from?

Skin fatigue refers to skin that is struggling to keep up and manifests itself as a dull and uneven complexion. This “grey complexion” effect comes from an accumulation of toxins which are not properly evacuated and which blur the complexion. Several factors can accelerate this phenomenon:

  • Lack of sleep : the skin regenerates at night, during sleep, if you sleep little or poorly, the repair mechanisms are slowed down and less effective. In addition, with fatigue, the skin defends itself less well against external aggressions such as free radicals, the sun or pollution, which leads to dehydration, microcirculation is slowed down and dark circles appear.
  • Pollution : these free radicals present in the air continually attack your skin, causing accelerated skin aging.
  • Stress : this evil of the century unbalances your body and causes poor blood circulation which has immediate repercussions on your skin which lacks essential nutrients.
  • Poor diet : your food choices are also directly reflected on your face, just like hydration.

How do you know if you have skin fatigue?

Recognizing skin fatigue is essential to combat it effectively. Clear clues indicate tired skin. The most obvious is a dull complexion , without radiance. If your face loses its natural glow, this is a first sign. The appearance of dark circles often reinforces this impression. Additionally, irregularities , such as redness, spots or blemishes , may suggest uneven skin tone.

When your skin is tired, it tends to become dehydrated. This can manifest as drier skin and fine lines, particularly around the eyes, an area often indicative of fatigue. Skin fatigue reduces the skin's ability to defend itself, particularly against free radicals, leading to premature skin aging .

Fortunately, even if you identify these symptoms on your skin, know that there are solutions to remedy them!

Our advice to combat skin fatigue

  • Clean your skin gently : clean skin is skin that breathes! Good cleansing eliminates traces of pollution and toxins which are one of the causes of skin fatigue. Choose gentle cleansers like our Surgras Soap Le Purisant Bi o which eliminates impurities and purifies your skin without damaging it. You can also use our Cleansing Gel according to your preferences.
  • Moisturize regularly : The key to plump, healthy skin is good hydration. For this we advise you to choose products rich in moisturizing agents such as our Organic Soothing Radiance Jelly . It intensely hydrates your skin for 24 hours and soothes thirsty skin. For daily care, choose our Anti-Blue Light Shield Treatment to protect yourself against damage caused by blue light from screens and strengthen your skin's protective barrier.
  • Moisturize your eye area : this sensitive area is often the traitor for skin fatigue, we advise you to apply our Quenching Eye Mask , which eliminates the signs of fatigue with a pleasant fresh and decongestant effect. It is an energy booster for a radiant look.
  • Boost the radiance of your complexion : to give your skin a boost, we advise you to use our Organic Radiance Booster Serum . It has everything going for it: it evens out your complexion and revives the natural radiance of your skin while hydrating it to restore comfort. The healthy glow effect is guaranteed!

Because beauty begins from the inside, care is not enough, we also advise you to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

Skin fatigue is not inevitable, don't worry. By adopting a suitable beauty routine and healthy habits, your skin will regain its radiance! Take the time to pamper your skin, it will reward you!

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