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Article: How to fight winter depression?

Comment lutter contre la dépression hivernale ?

How to fight winter depression?

Winter has just started, the days are getting shorter, the cold is setting in and you already feel a certain weariness, persistent fatigue or low morale. This is called winter depression. Today you will discover why winter has such an impact on our state of mind and above all, how to fight against these unpleasant feelings. If you are ready to transform this season into a time of well-being and happiness, stay with us to benefit from our best advice!


  1. The definition and causes of winter depression
  2. Actions to adopt to combat its harmful effects
  3. Accept winter: to appreciate its positive aspects

I) The definition and causes of winter depression

Winter depression, also known as "seasonal affective disorder", is not just a small temporary drop in morale, it is a very present reality for many of us as soon as the days become shorter. It is synonymous with a feeling of persistent fatigue and low morale which seems to set in as soon as the cold arrives. So what are the causes behind this broad term?

The definition and causes of winter depression

The main culprit is often lack of light. Your exposure to the sun decreases considerably as the days get shorter. This reduction in natural light has a direct impact on your biological clock, leading to a noticeable hormonal imbalance. In particular, it affects the production of two key hormones: melatonin, known as the sleep hormone, and serotonin, often called the happiness hormone. This imbalance causes many of the symptoms associated with winter depression, such as fatigue and low mood.

Another factor that should not be overlooked is the lack of vitamin D, essential for our well-being. It is mainly synthesized by our body under the effect of the sun's rays, the lack of light explained just above can therefore lead to a vitamin D deficiency, thus aggravating the feeling of weakness and bad mood.

II) Actions to adopt to combat its harmful effects

To combat winter blues, several simple but effective actions can be adopted. First of all, light therapy. This method involves exposing yourself to specific artificial light that mimics natural sunlight. It helps regulate the production of serotonin and melatonin, helping to improve our mood and sleep cycle by compensating for lack of sun exposure. A daily session can make a big difference in how we experience the winter months.

Light therapy to combat winter blues

Physical activity is also a valuable ally. Exercising regularly, especially outdoors and in daylight, can stimulate serotonin production and help maintain a balanced and active lifestyle. It does not necessarily have to be an intensive sports session, it can also be a regular walk at the most exposed times. Indeed, even in bad weather, it is essential to go out to ensure a daily exposure dose of at least two hours per day.

Diet also plays a crucial role. A rich and balanced diet, favoring foods that promote the production of serotonin and melatonin and prevent vitamin deficiencies, is essential to maintain morale in winter. Opt for foods rich in tryptophan, which help with serotonin production, such as eggs, cheese or nuts. To stock up on vitamin D, we recommend fatty fish such as salmon or sardines. To round out your diet, add chia seeds for omega-3, spinach for magnesium and seasonal fruits for fiber.
By incorporating these foods into your daily diet, you help your body better manage the effects of lack of light and drop in temperature.

Finally, there are social relationships . When morale is low, we tend to want to be alone. However, spending time with friends, family, or even strangers by participating in group activities, can greatly contribute to your emotional well-being in winter.

III) Accept winter: to appreciate its positive aspects

One of the best ways to combat winter blues is to learn to accept and even appreciate winter with the little pleasures it can offer. We shouldn't focus on the cold, the lack of sun and the night falling more quickly, because after all, winter is also a season of renewal and well-being , if we know how to take advantage of it!

It's a season synonymous with moments of relaxation by the fire, afternoons spent under a blanket with a good book or watching a film. It's time to recharge your batteries by taking care of yourself and your skin during your cocooning moments.

For the occasion, here is our guide to beautify your winter day:

  1. Set aside a free afternoon, just for you
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, depending on your preferences, and help yourself to a slice of our delicious Banana Bread (find the recipe right here)
  3. It's time to move on to care. After cleansing your skin, apply a mask according to your skin's needs. We advise you to use the multi-masking technique to have a tailor-made treatment. To do this, apply our “Banana Detox” Pore Clearing Mask to the oily parts of your face such as the T zone. Then apply the “Sweet Banana” Soothing Mask to sensitive areas, prone to redness and where you feel tightness. And finally, apply the “Banana Shake” Healthy Glow Mask to dull areas lacking radiance for a guaranteed healthy glow effect.
  4. Slip under a blanket and leave your masks on for 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse the masks with plenty of water once the time has elapsed.
  6. Your cocooning moment is not over, prolong the pleasure with a nap or by reading a book or even watching your favorite film.

Example of multi-masking with Kadalys

Example of multi-masking

These little rituals of cocooning moments with skin care, in addition to being pleasant, have a positive effect on your mood. By taking care of your skin, you also take care of your inner well-being.

Winter depression is therefore not inevitable. By adopting good practices, taking care of your body and mind, and appreciating the pleasant moments this season offers us, you can transform winter into an enriching and calming time.

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