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Article: Why should you exfoliate your skin in autumn?

Pourquoi faut-il exfolier sa peau en automne ?

Why should you exfoliate your skin in autumn?

Ah, autumn! That time of year when scarves come back and leaves change color, but if trees are shedding their leaves, why not do the same to your skin. Yes, you heard correctly, it's time to talk exfoliation. We all know that it is recommended to exfoliate your skin in summer to promote and maintain your tan. But did you know that it is essential to exfoliate your skin in fall?


  1. The arrival of autumn and its consequences on your skin
  2. Why is fall the perfect time for exfoliation?
  3. Tips for successful exfoliation

The arrival of autumn and its consequences on your skin

Fall can be a difficult time of transition for your skin. First, lower humidity leads to a feeling of tightness and dryness . In addition, with the temperature differences between day and night, the skin has difficulty adapting. The day still benefits from the mildness of the sun, but the evenings and mornings are getting cooler. Result ? Dry skin that is really not welcome.

And that's not all. Natural sebum production decreases, making the complexion duller and further accentuating the risk of dehydration. To find out even more about the impact of the change of season on your skin, do not hesitate to read our previous article which explains how to adapt your routine to your new skin needs.

For the rest of the article, we will focus on the exfoliation step and its benefits for your skin.

Why is fall the perfect time for exfoliation?

The number one reason to exfoliate your skin in the fall is to combat the buildup of dead skin that clogs pores, leading to breakouts or uneven skin tone. Your skin needs a little help to boost its skin renewal . This is where the magic of exfoliation comes in. It helps remove those dead skin cells, making way for fresh, new skin. This is essential after summer, as the skin has thickened and "clogged" in response to sun exposure, so it gives an immediate glow boost.

But that's not all. Exfoliating your skin in autumn better prepares it to absorb the treatments you apply afterwards. The skin is free of impurities with freed pores ready to receive all the benefits of your routine.

Finally, it's a season of transition, so exfoliating your skin will allow you to better face the colder temperatures of winter with clean, well-maintained skin.

Now that you're convinced of the benefits of exfoliation in fall, here are some tips for smooth, glowing skin.

Tips for successful exfoliation

For the face, we advise you to choose a gentle exfoliant , such as our Organic Exfoliating Peel which eliminates impurities and dead cells without attacking your skin thanks to its double enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation. For the most sensitive skin you can rely on the enzymatic action which leaves your skin smooth and illuminated without damaging it. For mechanical exfoliation, simply use gentle circular movements, without rubbing too hard to avoid irritation.
After exfoliating, don't forget to moisturize! This is the ideal time to strengthen your skin's hydrolipidic barrier with our Organic Soothing Radiance Gel-cream which intensely hydrates without leaving a greasy finish on your skin.

For the body, it’s the same fight! Gently exfoliate your skin with our Exfoliating Shower Gel , it cleanses and exfoliates your epidermis at the same time. You come out of the shower with smooth, soft and comfortable skin . Then nourish generously with our SOS Nourishing Body Lotion which regenerates and softens your skin while penetrating quickly with its light texture. Depending on your preferences, you can also apply our Precious Nutritive Organic Oil to deeply nourish and repair your skin. Its 100% natural formula soothes irritation without leaving a greasy film thanks to its ultra-dry finish.

We advise you to repeat these face and body routines twice a week for optimal results. You are now ready to face fall with radiant skin.

Tips for successful exfoliation

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