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Article: The original concept of La Yoga Box

Le concept original de La Yoga Box - KADALYS

The original concept of La Yoga Box

Jonathan Benoudiz and Jean-Yves Bernard are the founders of the famous Yoga Box, they share their discoveries with you every month: quality products, good for the body and good for the environment, through an original box that you can receive at home. You will find in each Yoga Box a yoga product, an organic cosmetic, a vegetarian product and a lifestyle product. This is not only reserved for expert Yoggists but also for novices, it allows to cultivate the benefits of Yoga while staying at home ... Let's discover together the experience of these two young entrepreneurs.

Where did you get the idea of ​​creating an original yoga & wellness box?

I saw yoga hatch in my entourage and more generally in France, by getting interested, I quickly understood that yoga went beyond what could happen in a class. That yoga directly impacted our way of life. So we wanted to set up a project to extend the yoga experience. In the process, we discovered lots of young brands that we wanted to introduce to as many people as possible. Coming from e-commerce, we naturally turned to a website and more directly to boxes because we wanted to create a community to which we would meet each month, in order to share our discoveries.

How does your selection of products fit into the daily lives of your subscribers and meet the mindset of yogists?

When we created The Yoga Box, one of the first things we did was put together specifications that reflect our values ​​(and those of most yoggis) for product selection. We can sum up our charter in one sentence: quality products that are good for the body and good for the environment.

For example, for cosmetic products, we only promote organic labeled brands and we are increasingly looking for brands that are involved in other causes (such as cruelty-free, the circular economy, etc.). We have also made the choice not to use samples in order to be part of a real quality approach.

Another essential point of our selection is to try to introduce new products to our subscribers and especially new brands.

For us it is all of these elements that make up the yogi mind: experiencing new things all the time, taking care of yourself and the planet

Why Kadalys?

Kadalys is a very good example of what we are looking for: a young brand, socially and environmentally committed, which seeks to create the best products possible.

We do a lot of research on the brands we work with, and Kadalys is one of the few to display its ambition and values ​​so clearly on its site.

We got to know Kadalys, thanks to a recommendation from the founder of Aïny, another great brand with which we collaborated, which directly saw the proximity between our vision and that of Kadalys.

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