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Article: Kadalys at Fall In Cos

Kadalys chez Fall In Cos

Kadalys at Fall In Cos

Kadalys is now available on the Fall In Cos e-commerce site!

A new site that offers organic cosmetic products for women, men, teenagers and for all skin types.

On this occasion we share with you the interview we had with Priscillia Ludosky, the president of Fall In Cos.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​launching Fall in Cos?

It was first of all to meet a personal need to consume products that were more respectful of my very sensitive skin that I became interested in organic cosmetic products.

Why Fall In Cos? For "Mad about Cosmetics!" "And why English? Because it speaks to as many of us as possible since my project aims to extend beyond our borders. So I wanted to go out and find manufacturers of organic and natural cosmetic products so that I could share my findings via my website.

Why doesn't the name Fall In Cos' reflect the "organic" aspect? In my opinion, organic, healthy foods should be the norm while conventional cosmetics should be exceptional, it is rather the "non-standard"! that I therefore do not exclude completely. Understand by “Mad about Cosmetics -> Mad about Cosmetics… healthy! "

Also, I deliberately chose warm and glamorous colors for my logo because they refer to beauty and cosmetics also exist to look better and not only to take care of yourself.

I would like to be able to attract people who do not dare to venture into the organic field by presenting them the glamorous aspect which is not always put forward. I started by offering care products, but will follow as soon as possible makeup products.

Who are your customers?

Currently I offer products intended for Women, Men, but also for Teens! for all skin types (whether it is their type or color).

The common subject for all these wonders is organic! I would therefore say that anyone wishing to enhance their appearance while consuming healthily is a potential customer!

You selected Kadalys among your beauty brands, what attracted you?

The idea of ​​offering a range of products made up of active ingredients that no one has had the idea of ​​reaping the benefits of before when widely consumed in the food industry, it's just brilliant!

It is also because I learned through the discovery of KADALYS, what the assets of Banana tree could bring in terms of beauty! I love to learn it every day and I am glad that KADALYS placed its trust in me because I can't wait to introduce these products to everyone.

Also, I was able to read that KADALYS was largely committed to promoting the agriculture of the place of exploitation of banana trees among others, by participating in the development of the sector. These are all approaches to which I am sensitive.

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