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Our TOP 5 inspiring fitnessgirls to follow

They combine improbable yoga positions and sporting exploits, while collecting the likes of their thousands of fans. Let's take a closer look at these fitness girls who will make you love leggings, squats, yoga and small balanced dishes.

These girls have turned their sports routine into a real business. Sports coaches, yoga teachers, models… Each one books, on her Instagram account, her own tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sculpting a dream figure.

We present to you these incredible fitness girls to follow urgently to help you maintain your Body Challenge and stay motivated until the end to prepare your dream body for the summer!


It all started for Sissy during her trip to Brazil. She realized that fitness wasn’t just for men. Because in Brazil, bodybuilding is a sport widely practiced by men, but just as much by women. Fitness, straight from the United States, gave her the body she always wanted. The latter promises to improve well-being, musculature, endurance and build an athletic body, that's all she needed. It was in Brazil that she realized her love for sport and changed her outlook on life. She learned to live without a watch, to appreciate the sweet taste of a simple pineapple, or the freshness of a "coconut agua" frozen in the shade of a coconut tree.

Since then, she became a vegetarian and then a vegan and is very careful about her diet.

Passionate about cooking, nutrition and health, she shares her universe with you through her various social networks (facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter and youtube): @Sissymua Her community today consists of more than 1M of subscribers.

Sandrine Bridoux

For Yoga enthusiasts (amateurs or professionals) Sandrine is the fitgirl you must follow! She has a rather atypical background: she unexpectedly changed her chosen field, she went from lawyer to Queen of Strala Yoga. At first Yoga was just a hobby for her, then it became a passion later. She wanted to introduce her whole family to this practice so that they too could discover the benefits. Then, little by little, it occurred to her that she wanted to teach it.

She knew it wasn't going to be easy and that a long journey and solid learning lay ahead. She persevered and has now been a Yoga teacher for over a year. Strala is a special form of yoga. It is a dynamic yoga that is practiced in music, the freedom of movement is emphasized. We assume that there are no perfect poses. The goal is not to absolutely achieve a pose or to seek the perfect alignment. We do not maintain the poses for 3 or 5 breaths, we move constantly to the rhythm of the breath on a catchy and modern playlist.

3 words describe his daily life as a Yoga teacher: perseverance, patience and passion.

You can follow her on Instagram, where there are already more than 14k subscribers, to motivate you on a daily basis and buy her book to sculpt your body as well as your mind.

Laury thilleman

With over 505k followers on Instagram Laury Thilleman is one of the best examples of the marriage of sport, wellness and beauty. Elected Miss France in 2011, Laury is considered the most sporting French beauty ambassador. She was swimming from a young age, dabbled in basketball, surfing, athletics and even soccer! Laury has always been a great athlete, her childhood dream was to become a top athlete in track and field, unfortunately that dream could not come true due to a knee injury. She therefore decided to turn to sports journalism and share with her community her personal sporting challenges to motivate and inspire them. With her solid abs and amazing body, she was voted the sexiest athlete by Men’s Health

To inspire you even more, read her book: Au TOP: Tonic Organic Positive Now let's take a look at the international Fitness Girls, who are just as inspiring.

Kayla itsines

It is THE benchmark in terms of fitness on social networks.

With over 6.5 million Instagram followers, she is now at the head of a veritable empire.

The release of its programs, Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and Sweat With Kayla and the organization of “boot camps” around the world, have enabled thousands of women to sculpt their silhouette in just a few months and allow Kayla to be the most followed Fitgirl. After graduation, Kayla found a job at a gym in Adelaide, Australia. She found that her clients weren't able to reach nd their objective by simply performing exercises on the machines present in the room. So she decided to do aerobic exercise instead of using the machines and the customers liked it. She finds that most of the time, women are looking for thinner thighs, a flat stomach and toned arms. Subsequently, she created her programs, which can be found in book form: Bikini Body Guides (BBG) and Sweat with Kayla to provide everyone with the benefit of her training and diet recipes (validated by professionals).
Michelle lewin

Michelle Lewin has gone from being a run-of-the-mill girl, working at a local clinic in Venezuela, to one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry. And all this in record time. Based in South Florida, the power of social media has enabled her to reach fans all over the world. Whether on the streets of Miami, Caracas, Cairo, Canberra or Moscow, Michelle is recognized everywhere and is now considered Miss Worldwide.

Fitness model, bodybuilder and bikini model too, Michelle can be seen around the world today. After immigrating to America in 2012, she became the Latin queen of the fitness scene and her slender figure graced more than 30 magazine covers.
This Fitness professional is followed by more than 12m followers on Instagram and ended up creating her own fitness program, to give courage to her community and to prove to them that anything is possible.

And you, which fitgirl inspires you the most and makes you want to surpass yourself?

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