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Article: The Little House of Beauty - Institute

La Petite Maison de la Beauté - Institut - KADALYS

The Little House of Beauty - Institute

To give yourself a few hours of relaxation, discover our Kadalys beauty care experts through an interview with "Sandra", the founder of the "La petite maison de la beauté" institute.

What are the different Kadalys treatments that you offer?

There are two Kadalys face treatments. The express radiance facial treatment which lasts 45 minutes and the complete facial treatment which lasts 1.5 hours.

How is a facial treatment session?

For express care:

The treatment begins with a gentle make-up removal and a deep cleansing with the Musaclean range. Once the skin is clean and clear, we apply the Musaclean exfoliating peel to eliminate all dead cells and impurities and above all to restore radiance to the skin. Then we apply the Musaclean purifying mask to eliminate toxins, revitalize and soothe the skin.

The beautician then applies a very active lotion to stimulate cell renewal and unifies the complexion, then a day cream specially selected according to your skin type and your beauty concerns.

The treatment ends with the application of a moisturizing treatment on the lips.

Luminous and perfectly hydrated, your skin is radiant with beauty!

For the complete care:

In addition to all the benefits of express care, add a session of Vapozone followed by extraction of comedones. The steam naturally expands the pores for a deeper facial cleansing. It penetrates the pores and helps in the removal of grease, blackheads, makeup remnants and residual impurities. The treatment is completed by a facial massage to promote the penetration of the active ingredients into the heart of the skin.

A cocooning treatment that soothes and restores comfort to your skin over the long term.

What are the benefits of treatments in the Kadalys institute?

Kadalys care is organic care and precisely dosed, the results are visible. The textures and scents of the products are both delicate and pleasant and transport our customers to a haven of peace and relaxation.

These treatments allow, depending on the skin problem encountered in the client, to re-pulp, firm, hydrate and / or lift the face.

For an effect that lasts over time, it is recommended to follow the treatment with a treatment of 6 weeks, at the rate of one treatment per week. So we will work with cell renewal, which takes place over 28 days on average.

Do not forget to boost the effects of the treatment by continuing the beauty protocol at home on a daily basis with the Kadalys range adapted to your skin type and age.

Why do you have to come to the "little house of beauty" institute?

La petite maison de la beauté is the pioneering institute of Kadalys treatments. We are Parisian specialists in Kadalys "SPA" beauty treatments.

Our practitioners are real experts, carefully trained in the various Kadalys protocols. We are also the Kadalys training center.

And finally the place is pleasant with a cabin dedicated to the tropical chic universe of the Kadalys brand. In a very cocoon setting, the welcome is always pleasant and it is the guarantee of having a great time in the hands of our experts.

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