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Article: What is eco-responsible cosmetics? What are the criteria ?

Qu'est-ce-qu'un cosmétique éco responsable ? Quels sont les critères ? - KADALYS

What is eco-responsible cosmetics? What are the criteria ?

At Kadalys our eco-responsible commitments are a pillar in the design of our organic, natural and vegan beauty products . For us, eco-responsibility involves:

  • the use of upcycled bananas in our cosmetics (bananas from Martinique and Guadeloupe intended to be thrown away, as they are deemed unsaleable)
  • our involvement in a circular economic model with the revaluation of agro-waste and support for banana producers
  • the various certifications that the Kadalys brand has: Cosmos, One Voice
  • the use of green chemistry and bio-extraction, two less polluting manufacturing methods
  • the use of 100% recyclable eco-designed packaging created from sustainably managed forest resources.
In short, eco-responsibility at Kadalys involves the eco-design of our cosmetics using upcycled ingredients , manufacturing methods and environmentally friendly packaging.

What is an eco-responsible product?

An eco-responsible cosmetic is a cosmetic that respects the skin, the environment, but also animals. In general, we judge the eco-responsibility of a brand or beauty product based on 5 criteria:

  • the organic and natural dimension of the ingredients
  • the social dimension with, for example, a commitment to fair trade
  • the local dimension with, for example, products made in France
  • the ecological dimension, with environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging and natural ingredients that do not pollute the environment
  • the animal protection dimension with the refusal of tests or ingredients derived from animals.

How to recognize zero waste cosmetics?

A zero waste cosmetic is a skincare product that generates no waste! For this, packaging is either non-existent or 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

An ecological commitment

Offering zero waste cosmetics is a real ecological commitment. Indeed, when a brand wishes to develop a new cosmetic with an eco-responsible aim, it must think about doing so with the aim of causing as little waste and waste as possible. Therefore, from design to the end of the product's life, everything must be done in such a way as to have an environmental impact close to zero!

For this, it is entirely possible to use upcycled ingredients , environmentally friendly processing methods and ecological cosmetic packaging.

Organic packaging

To offer a zero waste cosmetic product, such as a skin cream, a brand is not obliged to sell this treatment in bulk (without packaging). It is entirely possible to develop zero waste packaging which, once placed in compost, will eventually degrade and no longer exist after a few weeks!

This type of biodegradable packaging is a great solution to the over-packaging that we know in the cosmetics industry.

An organic label

Finally, zero waste and eco-responsible cosmetics are often cosmetics bearing an organic label. Écocert, Nature & Progrès, Cosmébio, Cosmos Organic… There are many labels which certify that a cosmetic is organic.

All you have to do is find the eco-responsible or zero waste cosmetics brand that allows you to create a tailor-made, effective and sensory beauty routine !

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