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Article: Is banana peel biodegradable? Use of banana peel at Kadalys.

Est-ce que la peau de banane est biodégradable ? Utilisation de la peau de banane chez Kadalys. - KADALYS

Is banana peel biodegradable? Use of banana peel at Kadalys.

Beyond offering you natural, organic and vegan cosmetics made from bananas , Kadalys is also a brand of upcycled cosmetics ! Indeed, the bananas used to formulate our ecological beauty products are bananas, grown in Martinique and Guadeloupe, deemed unsaleable due to non-compliance with the market.

In order to reduce food waste and support the work of small local producers, we recover these bananas and give them a second life.

To go further, we use green chemistry and bio-extraction, two ways to create more environmentally friendly cosmetics!

In addition to banana recycling and bio-extraction, we are committed to offering eco-designed and recyclable packaging whose paper and cardboard come from FSC-certified forests.

Eco-design at Kadalys is experienced from the choice of upcycled ingredients for products to their packaging and their formulation!

Banana peel and its multiple virtues

When you eat a banana, you automatically throw the skin in the trash. Normal, you will tell us, it’s waste like any other. Well no ! Banana peel is not a waste like any other, it is a biodegradable waste which can be placed in the compost or, even better, used to create various products.
Indeed, banana peel has many virtues:

  • it makes leather and silverware shine
  • it takes care of plants thanks to its richness in potassium
  • it is used in beauty thanks to its many benefits: moisturizing, nourishing, antioxidant, soothing, revives radiance, brings whiteness to teeth, etc.
  • it treats everyday aches and pains thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties
. In short, there are a thousand and one ways to recycle banana peels, whether for beauty or for the home!

Banana peel in cosmetics

Banana peel is an excellent cosmetic ingredient . As said above, it indeed has many virtues for the skin, but also for the hair! `

Green banana has a purifying, rebalancing action and refines skin texture. It is ideal for combination to oily skin.
Pink banana is a real radiance booster for the skin: it evens out the complexion while plumping it up. It is recommended for dull skin or skin prone to pigment spots.

Finally, yellow banana lifts the skin, firms it and regenerates it. It is perfect for fighting the first signs of aging.
In addition, our research has allowed us to reveal the powers of the banana tree in terms of cell regeneration! This upcycled , zero-waste ingredient definitely has its place in your skincare routine .

Its effects on the skin

Rich in nutrients, vitamins from different groups and antioxidants, bananas care for all skin types. Sometimes nourishing and regenerating, sometimes purifying and anti-inflammatory, sometimes healing and restorative, it is a true ally for the epidermis.
At Kadalys , you find banana in all our eco-responsible cosmetics : mask, treatment oil, body milk, serum or even moisturizing cream.

Its effects on hair

Banana peel is also an interesting ingredient for hair! Its richness in potassium and folic acid allows it to fight against hair loss and promote hair growth. In addition, the banana strengthens the hair and protects it from external aggressions!

Find our eco-responsible cosmetics formulated with biodegradable banana peel on our online store!

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