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Article: Which brand of organic cosmetics to choose ?

Quelle marque de cosmétiques bio choisir ?

Which brand of organic cosmetics to choose ?

Turning to more natural and organic cosmetics to take care of yourself is one thing. But when it comes to knowing which organic products to use or which organic brand to choose, it's not the same song! Especially since there are tons of organic cosmetics today. Not to mention the brands that pretend to be natural by highlighting green packaging and key ingredients from nature ... We tell you straight: most of the time, you will be dealing with what is called "greenwashing"! Today we give you our tips to spot the real organic brands and cosmetics.

How to recognize an organic product?

The easiest way to recognize organic cosmetic brands is to rely on the labels and certifications affixed to the products. Organic certifications are standards framed by law and are given by independent organizations. They allow brands and manufacturers to have strict guidelines. Labels, on the other hand, allow consumers to know the quality, the origin, the manufacturing method of the product they are buying.

Among the most famous labels and certifications in France, we have :

  • Ecocert
  • Cosmos Organic
  • NaTrue
  • Nature & Progrès
  • Cosmébio

These organic labels and certifications indicate that the brand or product in question contains natural ingredients and that some of these ingredients are organically grown. Beware, depending on the label, the percentages of organic ingredients are not the same! For example, for Cosmébio 95% of the ingredients that can be organic must be, while for Nature & Progrès, we are on 100%! Before turning to a particular label, you can find out about its commitments on the internet, whether in terms of ingredients, manufacturing methods or packaging!

Our advice to avoid falling into the trap? Don't trust the product packaging but look for the little logos that represent the organic certifications and labels. As mentioned in the introduction, greenwashing methods are very fashionable since organic is popular! Brands know how to play with colors and use green expressions to give an impression of natural beauty. But in the end, the product is anything but organic ... or natural!

How to be sure that a cosmetic brand is organic?

As soon as a certification or an organic label is affixed to a brand or a product, you can be sure that it is real! In order to be fair to consumers and create total transparency, certified organic brands are checked at least once a year by independent organizations. If your favorite shampoo is certified organic and vegan, you can be sure that checks are regularly carried out to ensure that the product still respects the charters signed! On the other hand, it can also be useful to know a little about the INCI list (the list of ingredients) to be able to recognize an organic product that does not have a label.

Obtaining a label can sometimes be complicated for small brands that are just starting out or that don't have a lot of financial means yet... And yes, an organic (or vegan, or natural) label is not free! The products must undergo many tests and the procedures are as long as expensive. Some brands choose not to label their products, but that doesn't mean they are not organic! If you like to buy in stores, you can ask for advice from the salespeople who will be happy to direct you to organic products. If you prefer to buy online, consider going to the pages that talk about the brand and read the product sheets to see if the product is organic!

What are the most reliable organic brands?

There are no organic brands that are more reliable than others. Even brands that don't have a label can offer products that are just as friendly to nature, skin and animals as those that do have one, or more! The most important thing about choosing the type of product you use is that it fits your needs. So choose your beauty product by skin type and hair type! One thing is for sure, a cosmetic with natural active ingredients will only please you. The ingredients are gentler on the skin and hair and just as effective and sensory. It is not uncommon for people with skin problems such as acne, eczema or psoriasis to be relieved by using more natural and organic cosmetics!

The most reliable organic brand will be the one that offers the type of cosmetic that suits you: smell, texture and active ingredients are all parameters to be taken into account when choosing a beauty product!

Why choose to eat organic?

And no, eating organic is not a trendy hippie thing! Behind this mode of consumption lies a real environmental concern and a desire to take care of oneself. Consuming organic means using cosmetics formulated without petrochemical or GMO ingredients! When you know that the products you use on your skin end up penetrating your body, it is rather reassuring to know that they are not full of endocrine disruptors, isn't it?

To consume organic is also to support companies that work with local producers, or at the end of the world, who make the choice to cultivate while respecting the agricultural soil. To consume organic is to choose natural capillaries and pure vegetable oils, full of benefits for the skin! Eating organic means avoiding skin irritations, irritated scalps and discolored and damaged nails! Consuming organic is also opting for more respectful manufacturing methods and packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials! In short, using organic products means making a number of positive choices for you and for the Earth.

If you are not yet a fan, here is our range of organic cosmetic products! There are products for all skin and hair types. The scents are equally appealing to men and women and our products are suitable for pregnant women and sensitive skin. Not to mention that they all have heavenly smells... Come on, it's time to go organic!

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