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Article: 5 reasons not to throw away your banana peels

5 raisons de ne pas jeter vos peaux de banane

5 reasons not to throw away your banana peels

Banana peel can be used for a thousand and one things! With it, you can take care of your interior, your plants, your leather parts and even your skin and hair. True Swiss Army knives of the daily life, the banana peels deserved that we dedicate them an article! Today, we give you 5 reasons why you should not throw away banana peels but rather keep them. Kitchen, home, beauty, maintenance, ... Everything goes!

Why preserve banana peels?

The banana, like the apple, is one of the most consumed fruits in the world! In 2018, according to the website La Dépêche, the purchase of bananas represents not far from 20% of the volume of fruit purchased in France. They also estimate that a French person eats no less than 9 kg of bananas per year! These figures make us the biggest consumers of bananas in Europe. When we look at its nutritional values, we understand better why the French are crazy about this fruit: rich in minerals, potassium, vitamins and fiber, it is the ideal fruit for a healthy snack. Not to mention that it is filling, digestible and low in sugar and calories ... In short, it has everything to please us!

A lot of banana consumption inevitably leads to a lot of organic waste. Although they are the ones that decompose the best, it might be a good idea to save some banana peels to use! Yes, banana peels can be used for many things. At home, outdoors or in beauty, it can replace a lot of cleaning or care products!

Reason 1: Banana peel makes leather and silverware shine!

There is nothing better to make your shoes or leather bags shine than a banana peel. Thanks to it, your leather will also become supple again, a real pleasure! To do this, simply rub the inside of the banana peel on the leather piece of your choice. Then, with a soft cloth you can gently wipe the leather. And there you have it, your leather piece is as good as new! This tip can be used on any leather: sofa, armchair, car seat or steering wheel, etc. The banana peel can also be used to shine your silverware (cutlery, dishes, jewelry, etc.).

Simply mix a banana peel, add a volume of water and rub the discolored parts of your silverware. Let it sit for a few minutes, wipe it off and enjoy the newfound shine!

Reason 2: Banana peel takes care of plants!

Banana peel allows you to take care of your indoor and outdoor plants. The potassium it contains makes it a natural fertilizer that promotes the growth of green plants and flowers! All you have to do is cut your banana peel into small pieces and place them on the ground. You'll see, in addition to being a good fertilizer, it's also a great natural tool for repelling insects!

Banana peel can also be used to clean green plants and make them shine. Again, cut small pieces of banana peel and rub them on the leaves of your plants! No need to wipe with a cloth afterwards. Finally, the banana peels can be put in water to water your plants. Place them in a jar filled with water for 24 hours and then transfer the water (without the banana peel) to your watering can or spray bottle. That's it!

Reason 3: Banana peel is used for beauty!

Banana peels are perfect for beauty! Its nutritional values are just as good for the body as for the skin and hair. In skin care, banana peel can be used as a nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant treatment. It is also ideal to fight skin irritations (eczema, dry areas, acne) and to restore radiance to dull skin. For example, for a banana peel, simply mash the peel and add a few drops of lemon juice. Then apply this mixture to the areas affected by acne and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing!

In hair care, banana peel provides hydration, nutrition, soothing and strength! For a moisturizing and shine mask, you can mix banana peels with a little olive oil (protective, moisturizing and growth activating). Apply this mixture for 15 minutes on the lengths and scalp before rinsing thoroughly with clear water. Finally, you can also whiten your teeth with banana peel. Simply rub the inside of the peel onto your teeth before brushing!

Reason 4: Banana peel heals everyday injuries!

Perfect for insect bites or to reduce bruises due to small blows, banana peel is part of the natural version of the medicine cabinet! Its antifungal and antibacterial properties can also be used to disinfect small wounds and cuts, to treat warts and to help remove splinters. Thanks to the banana peel, you will also see your healing accelerate! You can also consider using them on acne scars.

You are now rich in tips to use your banana peels! To carry out each of these tips, prefer the skin of a banana that has just been eaten.

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