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Article: 5 reasons to use organic cosmetics

5 raisons d’utiliser des cosmétiques bio

5 reasons to use organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics have been on the rise for a few years and for good reason! They are effective, sensory, free of components considered dangerous to health and contrary to what people say, they are just as affordable as mid-range brands. In addition to protecting and caring for our skin, organic cosmetics are also more respectful of our planet Earth and people. When we tell you that it has it all, it's the truth! If you are still not 100% convinced, we list 5 good reasons to choose organic cosmetics!

What are the characteristics of an organic cosmetic?

Organic cosmetics are products made of natural ingredients, some of which are certified or labeled organic. Depending on the label, the charters are more or less tolerant of the percentage of certified organic products. Unlike a conventional product where some natural active ingredients are drowned in the middle of controversial components (phthalates, PEG, sulfates, polymers, etc.), organic cosmetics are composed of natural active ingredients and ingredients that are gentler and more respectful of the skin! To replace sulfated surfactants, brands choose non-sulfated surfactants from coconut, to replace mineral oils, they use shea butter or vegetable oils, to replace synthetic colorants, natural pigments, etc.! If you want to know more about organic beauty, we invite you to read our dedicated article!

Reason #1: they are better for your skin and your health!

Yes, natural and organic cosmetics are a thousand times (without exaggeration!) better for the skin and health than conventional products! They are composed of natural products that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, nourishing, moisturizing or regenerating virtues without containing a wave of chemistry. Did you know that most of the ingredients in a beauty product eventually pass the skin barrier? They enter our body like a mill and stay there for years because our body does not know how to recognize them and therefore, does not evacuate them. The problem? The chemicals accumulate in our bodies and end up causing health problems. Not to mention the allergenic substances that can cause serious irritation to the most sensitive skin (newborns, pregnant women). Using natural and organic skin care products means trusting the power of nature. By using organic cosmetics, you can truly boast of taking care of your skin and your health!

Reason #2: Chemical-free cosmetics!

The substances mentioned above are indeed chemical substances that are not natural. You've probably already heard of endocrine disruptors? You know, these chemical ingredients present in our beauty products but also in our food and cleaning products! Well, they are so called because once in the body, they can modify or imitate the action of hormones. In large quantities, they cause problems of early puberty, important pilosity, infertility or even more serious diseases ... It is therefore very important to eliminate these chemicals from our lives! For that, organic products are perfect! Controlled by organizations and labels, they are committed to eliminating all dangerous substances from beauty products. Bye bye sulfates, PEGs, phthalates, mineral oils, ethoxylated materials or parabens and allergenic products!

Reason #3: they respect ecology and animals!

Although the organic certification for a cosmetic product does not necessarily guarantee that it will be vegan (without ingredients of animal origin) or cruelty-free (without animal cruelty, not tested on animals although in Europe this is already mandatory), the organizations and labels frame this kind of practice. Thus, in an organic cosmetic you will rarely find products made from animals or tested on them. In organic products that do not carry labels committed to animal protection, you can sometimes find products of animal origin: honey, propolis or milk. In line with the commitment of the brands, these ingredients come from reasoned and reasonable cultures, respectful of animals and their living conditions. From an ecological point of view, natural and organic beauty cosmetics have everything to please! The methods of cultivation, production and manufacturing are in harmony with nature. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers or pollutants are allowed in organic farming. At the manufacturing level, polluting and harmful processes, such as petrochemicals, are forbidden in organic cosmetics. Each transformation of material must be done according to the rules of the art of green chemistry in order to limit the carbon footprint! Finally, the packaging is also carefully examined: it is recycled and recyclable. All the packaging of our certified organic KADALYS care products are, for example, recyclable and FSC-labeled (cardboard from sustainably managed forests). All our products are also vegan and cruelty-free, certified by One Voice, Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny.)

Reason #4: they are much more controlled!

Organic products and certified organic brands are regularly controlled by the organizations that give labels and certifications. Being sold as an organic product is not that simple! First of all, the labeling and communication on the products must be clear. The lists of ingredients, the percentages of organic ingredients and ingredients of natural origin must be clearly indicated on the packaging. This practice protects consumers from greenwashing for example! If you have any doubt about a product, just turn it over and look for the words "from organic farming" or "ingredient of natural origin". To go further, each year an independent organization controls the products bearing certifications and labels. The criteria of culture, production and manufacturing are examined with a fine-tooth comb! The containers and packaging materials are also studied. All these controls also aim to protect consumers from greenwashing!

Reason #5 : they are suitable for all skin types

A beauty routine with only organic cosmetics? Of course it's possible! No matter what your skin or hair type is, you'll find your beauty essentials for beautiful, moisturized and silky skin and hair. If you have dry skin or hair, organic products will moisturize them intensely thanks to the action of butters and vegetable oils. If you have oily skin, care products based on purifying and detoxifying essential oils will give you a smooth and blemish-free skin. Find all our organic and natural hair and face care products.

If you're a makeup fan, you should know that natural pigments have nothing to envy to synthetic dyes! The best part? Organic makeup holds up as well as conventional makeup and the finish is just as professional. If you are a pregnant woman or have a young child, organic products are particularly recommended. Gentler on the skin, natural and without dangerous ingredients, they take care of the fragile and delicate skin of the whole family! An organic product is finally chosen like a classic product: it must meet your body and hair needs, please you by its texture and its smell but also its use. Solid shampoo, dry shampoo, cream with an airy or thick texture, product without perfume or essential oils, pure vegetable oil, ... All products now have their equivalent in organic!

You now have all the cards in hand to understand the interest of using organic cosmetics!

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